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We are Israeli reservists. We refuse to serve. - The Washington Post

We are Israeli reservists. We refuse to serve. - The Washington Post

The victims of Gaza: A list of Palestinians killed in Israel's ongoing assault | Al Akhbar English

The victims of Gaza: A list of Palestinians killed in Israel's ongoing assault | Al Akhbar English

People in Gaza trapped with nowhere safe to escape | Oxfam International

People in Gaza trapped with nowhere safe to escape | Oxfam International

Israeli army says 3 soldiers killed in Gaza fighting | Maan News Agency

Israeli army says 3 soldiers killed in Gaza fighting | Maan News Agency

Gaza families plead for evacuation amid battle

The Palestinian Red Crescent says it's trying to evacuate about 250 people from near...

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Gaza families plead for evacuation amid battle

Afghans rally to denounce conflict in Gaza

- NZ Herald News

Qaradawi: Palestinian resistance should not be left alone #GazaUnderAttack

Qaradawi: Palestinian resistance should not be left alone

 23/07/2014 - 04:34 PM ]

DOHA, (PIC)-- Chairman of International Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS) Sheikh  Dr. Yusuf Qaradawi said that the Palestinian resistance should not be left alone in face of the Israeli enemy, stressing the need to support resistance with food and medical supplies and weapons.
Islam stipulates unity of the nation no matter how many Muslim countries there are. Palestinian resistance should not be left alone, Sheikh Qaradawi said on Tweeter.
Islam imposes on the Arab and Islamic countries providing resistance with food, medicines, and weapons, he added, calling on Islamic scholars to bear their responsibilities towards Palestinian resistance.
He strongly condemned the “Arab countries’ shameful and scandalous position" towards the aggression Gaza. He further described labeling Hamas as a terrorist movement as a “tragedy”.
Sheikh Qaradawi, in an earlier televised interview, praised the Palestinian resistance’s steadfastness in face of the Israeli brutal aggression, stressing the Muslims’ right to adopt resistance till the liberation of Palestine.
Palestinian resistance has succeeded to confront Israeli offensive despite the weak potentials and forces, he said.

38 Damn Good Reasons to Support the BDS Movement » Muftah

38 Damn Good Reasons to Support the BDS Movement » Muftah

32 more Palestinians killed in Gaza as Wednesday total hits 56 | #GazaUnderAttack

Maan News Agency

Published today (updated) 23/07/2014 18:00
A Palestinian man carries a boy injured in an Israeli air strike, as he
arrives at a hospital in Khan Younis, on July 23, 2014 (AFP Said Khatib)
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- The continued Israeli offensive across the Gaza Strip on Wednesday afternoon left 32 Palestinians dead, bringing the total number killed since midnight to 56 as world and local leaders scrambled to arrange a ceasefire.

The high total on Wednesday afternoon came as Israeli forces continued their land invasion of the besieged coastal enclave while shelling and airstrikes bombarded the area from land and sea. The total death toll since the beginning of the operation 16 days ago has now reached 680, while at least 4,000 have been injured.

The Israeli military said on Wednesday that more than 60 access shafts leading to some 28 tunnels apparently belonging to Palestinian militants have been found, and around 4:30 p.m. said that they had struck over 70 sites across the Strip.

Israel originally claimed the operation in Gaza was meant to end rocket fire from Gaza, which had increased after an Israeli offensive in the West Bank began in June, but has since focused on attacking tunnels that it says Palestinians have used to attack Israeli soldiers.

The military also announced that two more soldiers had been killed by Palestinian militants in clashes in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, bringing the total death toll to 31, 29 of whom were soldiers. A foreign worker in southern Israel, meanwhile, was killed by a mortar on Wednesday.

On the ground, Saint Prophyrios Greek Orthodox church in Gaza City was packed to overflowing as hundreds of people, mostly women and children, sought shelter after escaping the inferno of neighboring areas like Shujaiyya, where Israeli forces have killed nearly a hundred in intense fighting in recent days.

"Many of them, their houses are destroyed. Many people have been injured or killed. So we try to help these people," said Archbishop Alexios, one of Gaza's 1,500 Palestinian Christians.

Some progress, more needed

On Wednesday, Kerry flew in from Cairo for whirlwind talks in Jerusalem and Ramallah, despite a US aviation warning on flights into Israel after a rocket struck near the runway a day earlier.

"We have certainly made some steps forward, but there is still work to be done," Kerry said in Jerusalem at the start of a meeting with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon whom he also met in Cairo on Monday.

The UN chief warned there was no time to lose.

"We are now joining our forces in strength to make a ceasefire as soon as possible," he said.

Kerry then went to the West Bank city of Ramallah for talks with Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, and was later to return to Tel Aviv for talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He was expected to return to Cairo in the evening.

Meanwhile, top Fatah official Azzam al-Ahmad said that a ceasefire was being "finalized," adding that there had been "significant progress" hopes were high that the coming hours would be critical in ending the siege on Palestinians and the Gaza Strip.

An earlier attempt to push through an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire failed after Hamas said it had not been consulted on the ceasefire before its announcement, while Israel used the occasion to step up its attack and launch a ground invasion.

Hamas has since offered the possibility of ceasefire conditional on the end of a seven-year blockade that has crippled the Gaza Strip's economy and infrastructure.

On the eve of Kerry's visit, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas pledged Israel would be held accountable for the bloodshed in Gaza.

Abbas, who has been holding truce talks in Doha with Hamas' exiled leader Khaled Meshaal, called for "widespread popular protest" in solidarity with Gaza.

Protests have erupted across the West Bank in recent weeks in solidarity with Gaza, with one dead early Wednesday and at least another killed earlier in the week as Israeli forces violently dispersed demonstrations.

There has been a growing wave of protest across the West Bank and in Palestinian towns in Israel, with police saying they had arrested 800 Palestinian citizens of Israelis and another 295 from East Jerusalem in the past three weeks in protests which began before the July 8 start of Israel's Gaza campaign.

Israeli soldiers evacuate their wounded comrades near the border
with Gaza, on July 23, 2014 (AFP Jack Guez)

32 Gazans killed in 5 hours

The number of Palestinians killed in the Israeli assault soared on Wednesday afternoon to more than 30, Gaza medical authorities said.
Ahmad Sihweil was killed in an Israeli airstrike that targeted a group of people in al-Qarrara in eastern Khan Younis.

Raid al-Radee, and Ziyad al-Radee, and their child Salma were killed during an Israeli attack on Beit Lahiya.
Youssef Hammuda and Wael Assaf were killed in Israeli shelling in northern Gaza
Five Palestinians who have not yet been identified were killed in Israeli shelling in northern Gaza Strip.
Medics recovered the body of Hussam Ayman Ayyad, 24, after an attack on his home in Shujaiyyeh.
Muhammad Sami Umran, 26, was killed in Israeli shelling in the city of Khan Younis.
Manal Muhammad al-Astal, 45, was also killed.
Medics pulled the body of a child named Jana al-Muqataa out from under the rubble of her house that was targeted by Israeli warplanes in central Gaza Strip.
Sabrin al-Muqataa was killed in an airstrike targeting her house in central Gaza.
Ahmad al-Bulbul was killed in an airstrike that targeted Bulbul family house in eastern Gaza City.
Fathiya Nadi Muammar, 70, was killed and five were injured in airstrikes that targeted the Muammar family house in eastern Rafah.

Rescue teams managed to pull three dead bodies from rubble in al-Qarara east of Khan Younis. Medical sources identified two of the victims as 29-year-old Hasan Khalil Salh Abu Jamous, Muhammad Farid al-Astal. The third body is yet to be identified.

Furthermore, medical sources in Gaza announced the death of Muhammad Abdul-Raoof al-Dada in the Zaytoun neighborhood.

Separately, rescue teams pulled bodies of Mahmoud al-Abadlah and Nour al-Abadla in al-Qarara.

Palestinians carry coffins through Ramallah to protest Gaza offensive

Published today 19:08
RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Palestinians marched through Ramallah on Wednesday carrying 500 symbolic coffins with the names of people killed by Israeli forces in Gaza, a Ma'an reporter said.

The rally was organized by the municipalities of Ramallah, al-Bireh, and Beituniya as a protest against the Israeli offensive on Gaza.

Laila Ghannam, the governor of the Ramallah and al-Bireh district, participated in the rally, along with members of Fatah's central committee.

"Palestinians are united and cannot be divided," Ghannam said at the rally.

"The blood of children is a stigma on the forehead of the silent world that claims to respect human rights," she added.

"The blood of our people in the West Bank is mixed with the blood of Gazans. The blood is one, the decision is one, and the goal is one."

Israel's latest offensive on Gaza, dubbed "Operation Protective Edge," has left over 650 Palestinians dead, most of them civilians. Over 4,000 Palestinians have been injured.

Thirty-one Israelis, all but two of them soldiers, have also died in the fighting, in addition to a foreign civilian worker who died Wednesday after being hit by mortar fire in southern Israel.

Palestinians carry coffins through Ramallah to protest Gaza offensive | Maan News Agency

16th Day of the Israeli Offensive: Dozens of Palestinian Civilians Killed or Wounded by Israeli Attacks; More Palestinians Forcibly Displaced in Border Areas

Since the Beginning of the Israeli Offensive on Gaza:
663 Palestinians Killed, of Whom 541 Are Civilians, Including 161 Children and 91 Women, and 3,457 Others Wounded, Mostly Civilians, Including 991 Children and 703 Women;
491 Houses Targeted and Destroyed and Hundreds of Others Extensively Damaged;
Thousands of Palestinian Civilians Forcibly Displaced

...And Remember this is 16 Days ONLY!!!!

Gaza: “This is no war, it is a useless massacre,” says Mgr. Sabbah - Vatican Insider

Gaza: “This is no war, it is a useless massacre,” says Mgr. Sabbah - Vatican Insider

Gazan prisoners mourn lost family members inside Israeli jails

Gazan prisoners mourn lost family members inside Israeli jails | Maan News Agency

Published today (updated) 23/07/2014 16:46
RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- More than a dozen Gazan prisoners being held in Israeli jails have lost members of their families to Israel's assault on the Strip, a Palestinian prisoner's rights group said Wednesday.

The Palestinian Prisoner's Society said in a statement that Salah Hamad, Hamza Abu Sawawin, Rami Zweidi, Taysir Breiem, Ahmad al-Sufi, Saddam Ashur, in addition to several others, had lost members of their family as a result of Israeli attacks.

Some of the prisoners have lost their entire families to Israeli strikes, and some of their homes had been destroyed.

A PPS lawyer who recently visited the prisoners in Nafha prison said that many of the prisoners were in a state of trauma after discovering that their parents or families had been killed in Gaza.

"Some of them started to attempt to identify those killed ... on TV," the lawyer said.

The statement said the prisoners were experiencing "the hardest days" of their lives.

Israel's latest offensive on Gaza, dubbed "Operation Protective Edge," has left over 650 Palestinians dead, most of them civilians. Over 4,000 Palestinians have been injured.

Thirty-one Israelis, all but two of them soldiers, have also died in the fighting, in addition to a foreign civilian worker who died Wednesday after being hit by mortar fire in southern Israel.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign: Sign our letter to David Cameron

Palestine Solidarity Campaign: Sign our letter to David Cameron

Gaza Blog - Live Blog AJ

Gaza Blog - Live Blogs - Al Jazeera English

Gaza Under Israel’s Onslaught - Pls.Read

Gaza Under Israel’s Onslaught - NYTimes.com

Palestine Health Minister Warns of Health and Environmental Disaster in the Gaza Strip

Palestine News & Info Agency - WAFA - Health Minister Warns of Health and Environmental Disaster in the Gaza Strip

Foreign Minister: Lack of Accountability for Israel's Crimes Undermines Credibility of United Nations and International Community

Palestine News & Info Agency - WAFA - Foreign Minister: Lack of Accountability for Israel's Crimes Undermines Credibility of United Nations and International Community

Palestine - Abbas: No One will Enjoy Stability as long as Gaza Children Do not

Palestine News & Info Agency - WAFA - 

RAMALLAH, July 23, 2014 – (WAFA) – President Mahmoud Abbas stated Tuesday evening that Palestinians ‘would never forget nor forgive’ and would ‘never kneel except for God’, adding that  nobody will enjoy stability as long as Gaza children do not.

Abbas made his comments during the opening speech addressing members of Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) in an emergency meeting at the Presidential headquarters in Ramallah.

Here are the full address delivered by Abbas as published on Al-Quds website, noting that some slight changes were introduced into the translation.

In the Name of God the Most Merciful , the Most Compassionate
“From the first moment of the brutal Israeli offensive against the Palestinian people in Gaza, Jerusalem and the West Bank, we have raised our voices on the need to halt the aggression. We have made regional and international contacts for this and we asked President Sisi in particular to help stop the assault and the bloodshed of our people. He responded and presented an initiative that includes an immediate ceasefire and action to lift the siege, open the border crossings and all the other obligations.

We went to Egypt, where we held talks with President Sisi and with Palestinian factions including Hamas and Jihad. We went to Turkey and Qatar, where we continued to work with the Turkish and Qatari leaders and we met with Khaled Meshaal all in order to halt Israel’s onslaught and to reach a ceasefire and then to lift the siege, preserve fishermen rights, open the border crossings, cancel the so-called buffer zone, release the Shalit-deal prisoners and the fourth batch of veteran prisoners, including arrested parliamentarians, bring in humanitarian assistance and hold a donor conference for the rebuilding of Gaza.

 It is time that we all raise our rightful voices in the face of Israel’s killing and destruction machine. Israeli forces have crossed all lines and broken all international laws and humanitarian values with the utmost brutality. We know we do not have planes or artillery tanks but what we have is stronger than this fire power and arrogance. We have the strength of righteousness and justice; we are the owners of this right that no force on earth can erase; it is a historical right baptized with heavy sacrifices. We have our unity and our resolve and so I call on all to rise above our differences at this difficult time and have national responsibility, stay away from narrow factionalism and realize that the main goal of this Israeli onslaught is to destroy our national cause and abort reconciliation.

We reiterate to our people that we are committed to national unity and ending the split and the national consensus government. We will go to the far side of the world to stop this onslaught and retake our legitimate rights. We will pursue those who commit war crimes against our people no matter how long it takes. These crimes will not go unpunished.

I repeat the importance of getting the Palestinian cause out of any tug-of-wars and to halt this policy of double standards because one drop of blood from a Palestinian child is more precious to us than anything in the world.

To our people in Gaza: your pain is our pain and the pain of the entire people and your suffering has dug a deep wound in our hearts. We have no words to explain what we are feeling. Your wounds are our wounds and our anger is huge. We will never forget nor forgive and our people will not kneel to anyone but God. No one in the world will enjoy stability and safety if this is not granted to the children of Gaza, Jerusalem, the West Bank and all of Palestine’s children.

Glory and eternity to our faithful martyrs. Right, justice and the Palestinian people’s will will emerge victorious. We will not be terrorized by killing nor destruction. We will rebuild what the aggression has destroyed and we will mend our wounds until our inevitable victory arrives and our flag waves over our capital Jerusalem at the Aqsa Mosque and the Holy Sepulcher.

“Permission [to fight] has been given to those who are being fought, because they were wronged. And indeed, Allah is competent to give them victory.”

Israeli forces Shoot, Injure Palestinian, Raid and Search Homes North of Hebron

HEBRON, July 23, 2014 (WAFA) -A Palestinian was shot and  injured on Wednesday, by Israeli live ammunition in  Al-Arroub refugee camp to the north of Hebron, while Israeli forces raided and searched several houses in the town of Halhul, north of Hebron said security force.

Israeli forces raided the camp and fired live bullets towards the citizens, shooting and injuring Mahmoud Abu Sal in the leg. He was then transferred to Hebron Governmental hospital to receive treatment.

Meanwhile, forces raided the town of Halhul and conducted a search campaign in the town, raiding and searching several houses. No arrests were reported.
Palestine News & Info Agency - WAFA - Israeli forces Shoot, Injure Palestinian, Raid and Search Homes North of Hebron

Israeli forces bomb al-Wafa Hospital in Gaza City | Maan News Agency

Israeli forces bomb al-Wafa Hospital in Gaza City | Maan News Agency

Published today (updated) 23/07/2014 15:20
The father of a Palestinian girl screams as a relative carries her into
the Kamal Adwan hospital in Beit Lahia, after she was injured by an
Israeli strike on the northern Gaza Strip, on July 22, 2014 (AFP Marco
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli warplanes on Wednesday bombed a central Gaza City hospital after the army claimed militants opened fire from the premises, while a UN human rights chief warned that abuses by Hamas did not justify possible war crimes by Israel.

The Israeli military said in a statement that they had "targeted specific sites" in the al-Wafa rehabilitation hospital compound "in light of several occasions in which fire was opened" and "despite repeated warnings against such activities."

The military last bombed the hospital on Thursday, forcing doctors and patients -- 14 of whom were paralyzed or in a coma -- to flee the premises.

The Israeli military has repeatedly claimed hospitals are being used as launching grounds for Palestinian militants, giving those inside only minutes to flee before subjecting them to bombing raids and shelling.

On Monday, Israeli shells left four dead and wounded 60 at the Al-Aqsa Hospital in Deir al Balah.

The military said that on Wednesday warnings were also given for civilians to vacate the hospital, adding that "warnings have been conveyed directly to the hospital administration and other Palestinian officials."

"The hospital grounds and its immediate surroundings have been repeatedly utilized by Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad as a command center, rocket launching site, and a post" for militants to fire at soldiers, the military added.

Reports in the Israeli media indicated around 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday that Israel had given warning to Gaza's main hospital al-Shifa of an impending strike, but an Israeli army spokeswoman contacted by Ma'an denied the claims.

The bombing comes on the 16th day of the Israeli offensive on Gaza, which has left more than 650 Palestinians dead, more than 4,000 injured, and more than 135,000 displaced in the coastal enclave of 1.7 million people.

The assault has left hospitals overflowing with injured amid a severe lack of medical supplies caused by the seven-year long siege of the Gaza Strip by Israel.

The attacks have also raised alarm around the world, as more than 50 mosques have been bombed as well as thousands of homes.

Israel's military actions in the Gaza Strip could amount to war crimes, UN rights chief Navi Pillay said Wednesday.

"There seems to be a strong possibility that international law has been violated, in a manner that could amount to war crimes," Pillay told an emergency session on Israel's Gaza offensive at the UN Human Rights Council, citing attacks that have killed Palestinian civilians, including children.

Pillay added that the firing of rockets from Gaza into Israeli civilian areas does not justify war crimes on the Israeli side.

She also said Israeli children and other civilians also had a right to live without constant fear of rocket attacks.

"Once again, the principles of distinction and precaution are clearly not being observed during such indiscriminate attacks on civilian areas by Hamas and other armed Palestinian groups," she said.

The 46-nation council -- which is the United Nations' top human rights forum -- was poised to call for an international inquiry into Israel's offensive in the Palestinian territories.

The meeting was called by Arab and fellow Muslim-majority nations.

It was set to vote on a resolution lodged by Palestine -- which has observer status at the UN -- condemning "the widespread, systematic and gross violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms" since Israel launched its crackdown last month to stem rocket attacks by Palestinian militants.

The resolution also called on the international community to "urgently dispatch an independent, international commission of inquiry" tasked with probing "all violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, particularly in the occupied Gaza Strip."

The aim, it said, was to "establish the facts and circumstances of such violations and of the crimes perpetrated and to identify those responsible, to make recommendations, in particular, on accountability measures, all with a view to avoiding and ending impunity and ensuring that those responsible are held accountable, and on ways and means to protect civilians against any further assaults."

It also called for the "immediate International Protection for the Palestinian people" and requested that Switzerland, as guardian of the Geneva Conventions governing conduct in warfare, organize an urgent conference on the situation in the region.

The Gaza offensive, which marks the worst Israeli assault on Gaza since two attacks in 2008-9 and 2012, has already claimed the lives of 650 Palestinians, most of them civilians, and 31 Israelis, all but two of whom were soldiers.

"The right of the Palestinian people to resist occupation cannot justify the launching of thousands of rockets and mortars directed against Israeli civilians," the UN's rights monitor for the region, Makarim Wibisono, told the session.

"Rockets attacks cannot justify the disproportionate use by Israel of air, sea and ground firepower against targets, including tunnels and rocket launchers, amidst a population of 1.7 million people trapped in one of the most densely populated areas of the world," he added.

AFP contributed to this report.

IMEMC News Gaza 627 names have been confirmed. - International Middle East Media Center

IMEMC News - International Middle East Media Center

Wednesday July 23, 2014 - 16:59
This list is constantly updated due to the ongoing Israeli assault on Gaza since July 8th. The following 627 names have been confirmed. At least 4120 Injured. We realize the number of slain Palestinians is higher than this, but we are still awaiting confirmation of some names.Full Story
Wednesday July 23, 2014 - 15:29
The Israeli army continued its bombardment of Palestinian communities in different part of the Gaza Strip, targeting homes and civilian structures, and killed at least thirteen more Palestinian, while dozens have been wounded. Full Story

Palestinian angry protesters set fire to Israeli military vehicles in al-Khalil

Palestinian angry protesters set fire to Israeli military vehicles in al-Khalil

AOHR UK: EU statement provides green light for Israeli onslaught

AOHR UK: EU statement provides green light for Israeli onslaught

LONDON,(PIC)-- The Arab Organization for Human Rights in UK (AOHR UK) has stressed that EU leaders’ statement regarding the Israeli attack on Gaza is nothing short of a betrayal of the principles of human rights on which the EU was founded.
AOHR UK added in a statement on Wednesday that the EU statement on Tuesday (16-7) had put the victim on par with the killer and lacked any reference to the need to cease the targeting of civilians at a time when the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli strikes had topped 213, most of them women and children, in addition to the 1623 Palestinians who have been wounded. Israeli massacres wiped out most members of at least 15 Palestinian families.
On Wednesday, Israeli shells killed four boys from the Bakr family playing on a beach in Gaza. As well as on Thursday 17/07/2014, Israeli warplanes targeted Shuheiber family house in Sabra neighborhood in central Gaza killing three children Fulla, Jihad and Waseem, ages between 8 and 10 years, the statement added.
AOHR UK pointed out that, despite all these facts, EU leaders’ statement referred to “Israel’s right to defend itself” without announcing any measures against Israel, which enjoys military and economic privileges with the EU, similar to the measures undertaken by the EU to punish other countries which committed crimes against innocent civilians.
AOHR UK stressed that the EU position vis-à-vis Israeli crimes was not surprising considering EU’s history of justifying Israeli atrocities, a stand which implies that human rights are divisible and could be breached with total impunity.
The organization said that EU leaders’ statement does not represent the position of most Europeans who condemn the killing of civilians in Gaza and view them as crimes against humanity that should not go unpunished.
AOHR UK urged EU countries to revisit their shameful position and put an immediate freeze on all security and military contracts with Israel because Palestinian women and children are being murdered with European technology and weapons Israel imports from Europe.
The Organization called upon EU countries especially Britain, France and Germany to freeze all contracts with Israel and put an immediate stop to all arms exports to Israel. Reports estimate that these three countries alone account for billions of dollars’ worth of weapons deals with Israel.
The Organization also urged the international community to sever its military links with Israel and cease their arms imports from Israel because most of these weapons had been tested on innocent civilians. Reports from Gaza indicate that Israel has used newly-developed weapons during its latest offensive on Gaza in a clear sign that Israel is testing these weapons in preparation for marketing them.

Najla Shawa talks about #GazaUnderAttack on July 23, 2014

23 July: Names of 660 people murdered in Israeli attacks on Gaza | Occupied Palestine-Gaza Version

23 July: Names of 660 people murdered in Israeli attacks on Gaza | Occupied Palestine-Gaza Version

#Gaza LIVE FEED LINKS #GazaUnderAttack -Witness and share reality

If Off Air try the next link/some may no longer work -a lot will work.- 

  1. http://www.ustream.tv/OccupiedAir
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  4. Aljazeera Mubasher: http://mubasher.aljazeera.net/livestream/
  5. RT Live: http://rt.com/on-air/israel-military-operation-gaza/
  6. Anadolu Agency: http://www.aa.com.tr/live1/gaza-live.html
  7. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/palestinianauthority/10970066/Watch-live-View-of-Gaza-City-skyline-as-Israel-begins-offensive.html
  8. Reuters: http://www.livestation.com/reuters?source=redirect#
  9. http://sabbah.biz/mt/archives/2014/07/17/live-gazaunderattack/
  10. Aqsa TV:
  11. Palestine Today TV: http://paltoday.tv/index.php/livetv
  12. Quds TV: http://www.qudstv.com/LiveFeed.aspx
  13. http://paltoday.tv/index.php/livetv
  14. http://www.pbc.ps/

MOH Press Release: Another massacre, this time in Khan Younis | Today In Gaza

MOH Press Release: Another massacre, this time in Khan Younis | Today In Gaza

Hamas: IOF massacre in Khuza’a brutal war crime

Hamas: IOF massacre in Khuza’a brutal war crime

[ 23/07/2014 - 10:37 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- Hamas described as horrendous war crime the Israeli occupation forces barbaric bombardment of civilian neighborhoods in Khuza’a town to the east of Khan Younis.
Sami Abu Zuhri, a spokesman for Hamas Movement, said in a press release on Wednesday that such war crimes will not succeed in breaking the Palestinian people’s determination.
Local sources warned of a fresh IOF massacre this time in Khuza’a town after the IOF continued to bombard the civilian population there since yesterday. The IOF declared the area a closed military zone and fired at ambulance cars that tried to enter it.
Quds Press quoted sources inside the town as saying that bodies of martyrs were scattered in the streets and inside houses.

75 Palestinians killed on the 16th day of Israeli aggression on Gaza

75 Palestinians killed on the 16th day of Israeli aggression on Gaza

[ 23/07/2014 - 11:16 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- Israeli warplanes continued targeting civilian communities in Gaza Strip for the 16th consecutive day killing 75 Palestinians, mostly children and women, on Tuesday.
The Gaza death toll reached 632 martyrs in addition to 3752 injured, according to the Health Ministry statistics.
Spokesman for the Health Ministry Ashraf Qudra confirmed that 75 Palestinians were killed during Israeli airstrikes and artillery shelling on different parts of the besieged Strip on Tuesday.
Israeli airstrikes targeted an apartment in Rimal neighborhood east of Gaza City and a number of civilian targets in Khan Younis, south of the enclave.
At least one Palestinian was killed and others were injured when Israeli warplanes targeted two motorcycles in Khan Younis. An elderly man died of injuries he sustained during shelling in Rafah.
Five Palestinians were also killed during Israeli airstrikes on Palestinian homes in Gaza City; two medics were also injured during the attack.
Four members of Hajaj family were killed after bombing their home in Gaza City, while five others were killed in two airstrikes on Deir al-Balah.
Yesterday’s victims raised Gaza death toll to 632 including 162 children and 78 women in addition to 3752 injured people.
The total number of totally destroyed houses since the beginning of Israeli attacks hit 694 houses; while 14,500 others were partially destroyed, according to the Housing Ministry.
The number of Palestinians killed after 16 days of Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip had risen to 649 while the number of those wounded had reached 4040.
The Israeli occupation forces launched “Operation Protective Edge” on Gaza Strip since July 7 that started with waves of brutal air strikes, and culminated in a ground offensive last Thursday.
Dozens of houses were destroyed in the raids, some of which with civilians inside, that led to the murder of civilians, mostly women and children.
Palestinian resistance factions, for their part, retaliated to the aggression with firing rockets at Israeli targets in Haifa, Tel Aviv and Dimona.
Hamas's armed wing the Qassam Brigades declared responsibility for firing a missile on Tuesday at an Israeli fighter jet flying over the Gaza Strip.
In its brief statement issued at dawn Wednesday, the Qassam Brigades said that its air defense unit managed to target and hit on Tuesday evening an Israeli F16 fighter jet while carrying out an airstrike on Palestinian civilian homes in Deir al-Balah.
According to Palestinian sources, the fighter jet was seen burned after being directly targeted by a surface-to-air missile. The Israeli jet was forced to make an emergency landing at a military airport east of Deir al-Balah.
Israeli media sources had earlier admitted the killing of 30 Israeli soldiers, while Palestinian resistance said that Israeli casualties are far greater than declared. The Israeli army did neither confirm nor deny the attack on its fighter jet.

#GazaUnderAttack Video: Fear, death and mourning in Gaza’s Khan Younis - France 24

Middle East - Video: Fear, death and mourning in Gaza’s Khan Younis - France 24

#GazaUnderAttack | July 20, 2014 – The Al-Shejaia Massacre in Gaza – In Photos & Video | Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

#GazaUnderAttack | July 20, 2014 – The Al-Shejaia Massacre in Gaza – In Photos & Video | Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

A palestinian sniper cutting the hand of an israeli soldier for shooting at civilians..قناصة القسام يقطعون يد النقيب ديمتري لافيتاس "قائد سرية في سلاح المدرعات...

Why I vowed not to have children in Gaza

Why I vowed not to have children in Gaza | The Electronic Intifada

Why I vowed not to have children in Gaza

22 July 2014


Two Palestinian youths mourn the death of a family member at Gaza City’s al-Shifa hospital, 20 July.(Mohammed Asad / APA images)
Israel said the ground invasion into Gaza would be limited, which makes you think that the tanks would only advance a few meters in. That was the case for the first two days. Little did we know that Israel planned widespread ethnic cleansing and massacres. Israel’s goal was to wipe out an area, and the people who reside in it, too.
Things started escalating at around 10pm on Saturday. Israeli drones swooped down lower and started buzzing loudly. Tanks advanced. Apache helicopters and F-16 warplanes bombed and also provided cover. And then the eastern Gaza Cityneighborhood of Shujaiya started getting hit hard.
Non-stop shelling. I heard it all from my house. I couldn’t even keep up with the number of explosions and artillery rounds.
Hundreds and hundreds of families evacuated, leaving their homes and lives behind, seeking refuge in any calmer place, even though nowhere is safe in Gaza.
They walked in the streets, holding nothing but their kids, trying to escape death. Some even climbed into the shovel of a bulldozer. Many were just wandering in the streets with no destination in mind or nowhere to go.

Huge ball of fire

Many ended up gathering at al-Shifa hospital, only to see the bodies of their relatives, neighbors and friends arrive.
I don’t know how to describe that night. I am at loss for words and out of breath. Gaza looked like a huge ball of fire as Shujaiya was being burned.
All of Gaza was under darkness. Power outages have reached twenty hours per day, or even more. We could hear the merciless attacks on Shujaiya, people screaming and fires burning.
All we had was a radio to let us know what we already knew but wanted to deny. We kept holding onto the last thread of hope until we had to face the truth: the people of Shujaiya were being butchered.
Every night we count down the hours, waiting for dawn to start breaking through, lighting up the sky and pumping Gaza with sun. But not that night. We were hoping the sun would take its time so we could delay seeing what the light would reveal.
We expected what had happened, but what the light showed was beyond devastation.

Beyond natural

We couldn’t recognize Shujaiya. It was like a tsunami of bullets had struck the area. Or a blazing earthquake. Something natural but disastrous. But what really happened was beyond nature or even humanity. It was like the 1948 Nakba all over again, with scenes similar to the 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacre. There were flashbacks to the Cast Lead massacre of five-and-a-half years ago, too.


Civilians flee from Gaza City’s eastern Shujaiya neighborhood where more than seventy people were killed and hundreds injured by Israeli shelling on 20 July. (Ashraf Amra / APA images)
The Red Cross proposed a humanitarian ceasefire in Shujaiya so that medics could pull out the dozens of dead and hundreds of injured. Israel refused the ceasefire at first, then accepted it, and then broke it by bombing the area and opening fire on medics and ambulances.
Medics managed to pull out 72 dead Palestinians, their bodies splayed across the streets. More than four hundred injured people were taken to the hospital. Medics say that the numbers of the dead and injured may increase dramatically.
International and local journalists, medics and doctors were crying in pure disbelief. They reported seeing a massacre that can’t be unseen.
I guess we are all scarred for the rest of our lives.
Pictures of devastation and destruction were circulating from that morning on. But what was very painful, to the extent that I stopped breathing, are the pictures of parents carrying their dead and injured children while they wept in a way that could move mountains.
When will Palestinians be recognized as people? As humans? As civilians?
When will our children have human rights and be safe?

Self defense?

Can you imagine the devastation of a father who is holding his child dead in his hands? Can you imagine his loss? And how ashamed and guilty he feels for not being able to protect his child?
That’s why I vowed to never, ever to have children here. I will not bring them to this world and fail to protect them. I will not watch my children die. It is too painful watching other children die and their parents weep; I can’t handle going through it myself.
How could the world consider wiping out a whole area and its residents as “self defense” and “righteous?” How can children be considered “militants” and “terrorists?”
The mosque nearby started calling for a donation campaign, only to make me feel more powerless. What can you give to those who lost their loved ones, their houses and a life they once knew?
I wished I could give them my heart or ease their pain in any way, but I couldn’t, so I joined a trivial donations campaign. How can money or material things ever make up for the loss of your child?
I spent hours feeling numb, paralyzed, breathless and stunned. I couldn’t shed a tear.
And then, tears started flowing. So abundantly. They were very hot, and burned my cheeks.
On Tuesday, the Gaza-based Ministry of Health said that more than 600 Palestinians have been killed and 3,700 injured since the beginning of Israel’s ongoing offensive against the besieged Gaza Strip, including the 72 killed and 400 injured in the Shujaiya massacre.
People were showered with tank shells while they slept at home in their beds. People either fled or died under the rubble.

Farewell to humanity

As I bid farewell to my humanity and soul today, and mourn them, I bid farewell to the dead Arab nation and Arab leaders, but without mourning. Human rights organizations, as well — I bid them farewell; they have always failed to protect human rights. Reports and documents do not protect innocent children.
I also bid farewell to all aid agencies in Gaza, for using the blood of Palestinians as a propaganda stunt to collect millions in “donations.” I bid farewell to international humanity.
Omar Ghraieb is a journalist and blogger from Gaza. His blog isgazatimes.blogspot.com, and you can follow him on Twitter @Omar_Gaza.

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