Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Palestine - Gaza: Hamas television reported two Palestinians were killed in an unidentified explosion in the Gaza Strip.

Developing: 3 dead in Israeli airstrike

Developing: Israel says airstrikes targeted operatives preparing to fire projectiles

Palestinians: IDF strike kills three Islamic Jihad militants in Gaza http://bit.ly/cODdTa

3 Palestinian killed in an israeli strike in bureij camp!

3 Palestinians killed 20 minutes ago by an israeli tanks attack on the buriej refugee camp!

Palestine-Gaza: Israeli airplanes targeted another house in central Gaza but no injuries are reported so far!

Names of the 3 martyers who were killed tonight! Alaa abu zneida 23 Awni Abdelhadi 26 Mohammed Eid 24

They say that the pieces of bodies they found belongs to 4 not to three as mentioned in the previous status but they didnt find the 4th head so far!

According to witnesses, there is a fourth missing body!

there is no fourth body, The fourth is found hiden in one of the houses near the explosion site!