Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Reporting on facebook- Mohammed Qudaih...

2 injuries in Khuza'a town east khanyounis.. israeli soldiers still shooting civilians people,,,
Huge explosions in Khuza'a now,,, may be shells from tanks,,
OMG,,, Agian,, a martyr in Khuzaa now east Khanyounis,, 
Israelis soldiers open fire on them, he injured first by a bullet in his legg then they fire a shell twoard him, 4 injured also, one of them my brother

Israeli tanks shell houses east of Khan Yunis, in the town of Khuzza'a, killing Palestinian Hassan Abu Rock, 20. Israel reported shooting heavily at the ambulances trying to rescue the wounded.

(well since you have the truth above... you might like the "western version"  http://yhoo.it/hiI1Zo ...surely not biased !! fail.)