Tuesday, March 22, 2011

17 injures(SO FAR) in a series of raids on Gaza - 17 إصابة بسلسلة غارات على غزة

*Translated  .... original http://www.safa.ps/ara/?action=showdetail&seid=44890

 A reporter (description) that the Israeli aircraft of type 'F 16' bombed site 'Abd al-Aziz al-Rantissi' of the Palestinian police in the 'twin' north-west of Gaza City, but it was empty at the time the bombing.

 Israeli aircraft also bombed a factory for plastic zone on Mount Sourani Sha'af apples in the neighborhood east of Gaza City, wounding three civilians, including two children sustained minor injuries.

 Israeli aircraft struck a metal workshop on the back of the family of Daya-Zaytoun neighborhood in Gaza City, causing them severe damage, Israeli warplanes also targeted by two missiles site belonging to the free movement near the towers Maqqousi west of Gaza City.

 Israeli warplanes bombed a rocket from the model 'F 16' free land next to the mosque 'Ebad Al Rahman' in the town of Khuza'a east of Khan Younis, but it did not explode, Votbath after about three minutes later another rocket explosion was huge. According to security sources, our correspondent.

 The Apache helicopter targeted earlier in the night and the auto repair shop east of Gaza City, causing the material damage is enormous.

 He said witnesses described the bombing that targeted a workshop for the repair Dughmosh tires next to a mosque east of the peace district Shojaeya No injuries were reported among the citizens so far.

 The skies over the Gaza Strip is being circled by warplanes, ongoing border movement by tanks and shootings from time to time.