Saturday, March 19, 2011

Libya Alhurra Live stream founder founder Mohammed Al Nabbous Has Been Martyred

 Mo's Last Broadcast - Heavy battle

 Mo's wife Breaking the heartbreaking news

I am devastated. This should never have happened.I have watched Mo from his very first broadcast.

Mo was reporting the news to the world on Begging the world to listen; & he was doing this till the very day he died
Here is a link to some of his latest reports ...
18/03/11 Gaddafi forces firing Grad rockets out of Sultan area part 1 Part 2 -footage #Libya

I am angry at  "Girrdaffi"!!- and at the world community for acting so slowly.

Mo is a martyr now, as are too many before him. He knew the risk He was taking and was willing to run that risk so the world could see the truth.

I feel like i have lost a brother, Libya has Lost one of it's great Leaders of the Revolution ( although Mo would probably shout at me for saying that! - as he said he was just an ordinary libyan) -Who like many ... only asked for freedom.

I Send My Gratitude and heart felt sorrow to all the Mods and friends on Mo's Channel_ But I Take solice in the fact that Mo would have given his life to see his brothers and sisters free!
- He will always be my hero.

We must all continue to get the Truth Out!

To Mo's brave wife Perditta and all of his family - I pray you find peace.


Feel free to make a donation to the charity he supported (medical supplies to Libya)

Another Tribute to Mo