Monday, December 3, 2012

IMEMC News - #Palestine

Monday December 03, 2012 - 00:05
The Israeli Security Services expressed rejection of the new Israeli government decision to build additional 3000 units for Jewish settlers in occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank, and said that “the move is un-calculated”. Full Story
Sunday December 02, 2012 - 23:26
The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) repeats its condemnation of Israel’s violations against Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Strip. PCHR is concerned over the escalation of Israeli attacks directed against fishermen since the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip that was stopped following the cease-fire agreement reached between Palestinian resistance groups and the Israeli occupation forces, under Egyptian and international auspices. Full Story
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Sunday December 02, 2012 - 07:59
The Palestinian Detainees Research Center published a report on Sunday revealing that Israeli soldiers kidnapped 650 Palestinians in November; adding that 85 women and 7 children were among the kidnapped Palestinians. Full Story