Friday, December 31, 2010

Israeli Settlers set fire to a house-tent in the Palestinian village of Susiya
IDF declares Bil'in closed military zone before weekly security barrier protest

Selective Law Enforcement Against Activist for Bedouins

Settlers to Receive 3,160 Shekels Each for "Security Expenses" in 2011

Hamas says new cabinet shuffle proceeds

Russia: Israeli settlement actions main obstacle for peace process

Mixed Year for Palestinians

Hizbullah calls Lebanon government to invest in gas exploration following Israeli announcement

Shin Bet warns of Hamas attack despite quiet 2010

Israeli Troops Arrest Seven Overnight, Allegedly Beat Woman

Additional €31 million from the EU to support the PA's drive to build State institutions

Palestinian leader wants US backing in UN proposal

Gaza resistance fighters fire rocket at Israel

U.S. dismayed Egypt still views Israel as chief adversary, WikiLeaks cables show

Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi Hails Asian Gaza Convoy

Thursday, December 30, 2010

More Jews immigrate to Israel in 2010

Iranian War Commander kidnaped in Turkey, Murdered In israel's Ayalon Pr...

Arab majority in 'historic Palestine' after 2014

Islamic Jihad refuses role in Haniyeh gov't

Haneya urges Jordan's king to press to prevent Israeli attack on Gaza

Israel's ex-pres Moshe Katsav guilty of rape

'Israel nukes, no big secret'

Dahlan announces return to Ramallah

Palestinian Refugees 2 Years After Gaza War / Photos

Gazan Scrap Collector Faced Death During Violent Israeli Incursion

British feared Israel would nuke Arabs: archives

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (23 – 29 December. 2010)

Saudi-Syrian Accord to Be Announced before January 15: Report

Israel’s Discovery of Natural Gas Threatens Lebanon’s Rights!

Pakistan makes two nuclear weapons available to Saudi Arabia 

Petitioning the Israeli High Court for justice - Raji Sourani

Egypt lets Asian convoy reach Gaza, but without Iranian members

Hamas: PA detained 15 party members overnight

Gaza: Excluded from militia meeting Fatah calls for unity

The Israeli occupation attaches alien Jewish symbols to the Old City Walls

East Jerusalem: Israeli demolitions continue

Palestinians worldwide reach 11 million: report

Palestinian Legislator Kidnapped From His Home In Hebron

16 Gazans killed, 38 injured in December 2010

Gaza militant groups agree to halt rocket attacks on Israel

Israel decides to raze Al-Sahaba Mosque in O. Jerusalem

Another Way to Remember the Gaza War

Arab MK to Ask Israeli Education Minister to Investigate Arabic Ban in Jaffa Schools

Rotim Settlers Seize Land Near Tubas; Minister Arrested in Hebron

Gaza Fishermen Face Death at Sea and Poverty at Home

Settlers Attack Reuters Journalist's Car South of Hebron

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Beit Hanoun demonstration commemorates "Cast Lead" as victims' families mourn

Motley caravan team waits to enter Gaza

US says will oppose UN condemnation of Israel,7340,L-4006451,00.html

The Gaza Massacre and the Struggle for Justice

US expresses opposition to bringing settlement issue to UN

New census shows 7.7 mln Israelis live in Jewish State, Arabs represent one

PA: Israel detained 1,100 children in 2010

Palestine Monitor Factsheet - B'Tselem's Video Summary of 2010

Abbas heads to Brazil to found Palestinian embassy

A demonstration against houses demolition in Lod City

Israel Hardens Repression as Palestinian Recognition Increases

Israeli army: leave Khirbet Tana or else

Israeli drones fly over Lebanon capital

OPT: UPDATED URGENT APPEAL - Shooting of children collecting building gravel

Fayyad: Palestinians seek more than a 'Facebook state'

Israeli army ups alertness along Gaza border following skirmishes

Israel Demolishes Industrial Buildings North of Jerusalem, Settlers Uproot 30 Olive Trees

Syrian president Assad: Israel has extremist government not interested in peace

Al-Aqsa Brigades Announce Official Ceasefire with Israel

Settler Clashes Near Nablus

Industrial Buildings Razed North of Jerusalem

Israel plans to demolish homes in Yasul

Internationals in Palestine

Erekat denies earlier report on PA proposal to UN

Two years after Horror of Operation in Gaza

Racist Graffiti Sprayed On Mosque Near Ramleh, Inside Israel

New Wave of Home demolishing in Negev

Palestinian Developer Intends To Buy Settlement Construction Firm

Palestinians to ask UN to recognize state in January 2011

Israel deploys APS-equipped Merkavas to Gaza border

Saudis urge Lebanon PM to accept compromise with Hezbollah

PA to update Palestinian registry, include East Jlem

Israeli Bulldozers Demolish Homes In The Negev

Hamas urges AL to stop Israeli attacks

Israel's genocidal aggression on Gaza revisited

Gaza City residents report shelling

Israeli Journalist Gideon Levy Comes to Palestine with Message of No Hope

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Israel arrests 10 Palestinians, including a Hamas legislator

Hamas meets with factions over escalation in attacks

Medics: Israeli gunfire kills 1 in Gaza

Israeli secret report on inhumane conditions of detainees disclosed

Fatah suspends controversial strongman Dahlan

Palestinian killed, another wounded by Israeli army

Gaza government frees 45 detainees
Reporting on facebook- Mohammed Qudaih...

2 injuries in Khuza'a town east khanyounis.. israeli soldiers still shooting civilians people,,,
Huge explosions in Khuza'a now,,, may be shells from tanks,,
OMG,,, Agian,, a martyr in Khuzaa now east Khanyounis,, 
Israelis soldiers open fire on them, he injured first by a bullet in his legg then they fire a shell twoard him, 4 injured also, one of them my brother

Israeli tanks shell houses east of Khan Yunis, in the town of Khuzza'a, killing Palestinian Hassan Abu Rock, 20. Israel reported shooting heavily at the ambulances trying to rescue the wounded.

(well since you have the truth above... you might like the "western version" ...surely not biased !! fail.) 

Gaza's donkeys get new rope to haul people out of the dark ages

Gaza War Anniversary in London

Israel: London is home to Hamas hub

'Kouchner considered declaring Palestinian state'

Violence in Iraq claims 20 lives

Canadians mark 2nd anniversary of Gaza war

EU Groups Mark Anniversary of Israeli War on Gaza

Report: 90% of Shin Bet Detainees Prevented from Seeing Lawyer

Israeli army opens fire at Gaza worker

PA: Ban on settlement workers incremental

Israeli Activist Jonathan Pollak Sentenced to 3 Months in Prison; Tells Judge "I'll Go to prison ..

Settlers Seize Lands Southeast of Nablus

OCHA Report: 54 Palestinians Driven from Homes Last Week

Israeli Forces Arrest 10 Palestinians During West Bank and Gaza Raids

Palestinians 'routinely denied lawyer'

PCBS: 7,000 Palestinians emigrate annually

* * Published 10:08 28.12.10 * Latest update 10:08 28.12.10 U.S. declined to cooperate in Dubai probe of Mabhouh killing, WikiLeaks shows

Israel blocks essential medical supplies for Gaza hospitals

Iran, Syria stress support for resistance

Asia 1 aid ship for Gaza eyes Egypt's OK

'Egypt seizes Gaza-bound anti-aircraft missiles in Sinai'

WB clashes leave 6 Palestinians injured

Israel: No Palestine, no refugee return

Iran hangs man convicted of spying for Israel

Two Years after the Massacre: A Letter from Gaza

Israeli army arrests six Palestinians on boat

The absurd Bibi and Avi charade

Palestinians mark second anniv. of israeli invasion of Gaza.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Rubble and Scrap Collectors: Deliberate Attacks and Lack of Protection

Netanyahu “interim” deal blasted by Palestinians

Arab League chief: Top priority next year is Palestine

Right-wing Israelis parade through East Jerusalem sparking clashes

Resistance to free Palestine: Poll

'Israeli prisons more like dungeons'

Israel rules out apology to Turkey

Lebanon finds Israeli spying devices

Palestinians rally to mark 2nd anniversary of Israeli invasion of Gaza

Right wing MK visit sparks Silwan clashes

Gaza families recall horror two years after Israel's assault

After two years, war looming in Gaza

Israeli gunboats attack Palestinian fishermen

Besieged Gaza grapples with healthcare woes.

Italian Gaza Aid Flotilla |

Fatah urges Hamas to reconcile, avoid Gaza another Israeli war

#Gaza2 List of 348 childrens names- murdered under operation cast lead

Palestinian Youth Assaulted Near Nablus For Not Understanding Hebrew

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Netanyahu hits back at Lieberman: Only PM decides Israeli polices

Palestinian Leader Deported from Jerusalem

First ever encyclopedia documenting the Gaza war released Sunday

800 Israeli troops raid flashpoint section of Nafha prison

J'lem legal council: Mayor can't delay Beit Yehonatan eviction,7340,L-4004764,00.html

Violent confrontation at Nablus checkpoint

Europe's threat to recognize Palestine

Collective Arab decision needed on Gaza

Tensions rise in east Jerusalem quarter over evictions

Israel hints at launching new aggression on the Gaza Strip

Israel to expel family from its home in Silwan, give it to Jewish settlers

Lieberman 'won't accept Turkish lies',7340,L-4004688,00.html

Nomads No More: Arabs lose land in fight against Israeli desert demolition

Paraguay to recognize Palestinian state in '11

Israeli Army Arrests 9 French Nationals In The West Bank

Israeli paramedics refuse treatment of Palestinian girl injured by police jeep unless photographer stops filming

French activists arrested at West Bank protest

Deputy FM: 'The state of Facebook' is more real than Palestine

Lieberman: Comprehensive agreement with Palestinians impossible,7340,L-4004631,00.html

Thousands greet Turkish protest ship; chant 'death to Israel',7340,L-4004549,00.html

Israel's favorite war song - Ahmed Yousef

Israeli police arrest boys in Silwan

Egypt: Attacks on Israel will not be launched from Sinai

Palestinian protester ordered to leave Jerusalem,7340,L-4004571,00.html

Israeli jail isolates prisoner for filing complaint

Israel anticipates aid convoys to Gaza may attempt to bust naval blockade

Sweet peppers leave Gaza for first time since '07

Christmas and New Year's Eve: More Homeless Palestinian children

Egypt: 8 Americans killed in a bus crash,7340,L-4004539,00.html

Thousands of activists gather in Turkey to greet ship involved in deadly Gaza flotilla raid

Fear and unrest in Silwan as soldiers surround village

Dozens suffer breathing difficulties in IOF quelling of peaceful march

Hebronites hospitalized by Israeli forces

Video: Children Of Gaza - Channel 4 - Documentary

Nabi Salih 24.12.2010 (Christmas Eve).mov

Israel attacks Gaza Strip

Evictions expected in East Jerusalem

PLO condemns latest Israeli attacks

Egyptian-Israeli peace talks in 10 days -- Radio

Soldiers Attack A Nonviolent Protest In Hebron

Israel-Lebanon gas dispute expands

Asian Aid Convoy in Lebanon + Photos

P.A Returns To Israel Stolen Military Vehicle, Weapons, And Hands-in Five Palestinians

Israel stations forces across East Jerusalem neighborhood, likely preparing for evictions

Two Fighters Killed In Clashes With Israeli Soldiers Invading Khan Younis

Two Palestinians die in clashes with Israelis

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Palestinian fisherman injured in IOF shooting

Ni'lin Village-Struggle Against The Apartheid Wall 24.12.2010

Demonstration against Political persecution and Oppression in Silwan 24-12-10

Palestinian fundamentalist leader killed in Lebanon

Lebanon Airspace Violation

Egypt building security towers along Gaza border

Gazan Christians celebrate in Jerusalem

Gaza flotilla flagship to return to Istanbul

Israeli Foreign Ministry Plans New Hasbara Effort Against Palestinians

Abbas: Mideast to remain "flaming" without peace in Palestine

Abbas: No Israeli presence in future state,7340,L-4004200,00.html

Hamas threatens Israel with retaliation

Gaza aid convoy heads for final stop

Israel builds, markets 5,000 settlement units in J'lem and W. Bank

'Israel may attack Iran's nuclear sites if diplomacy fails'

Ecuador formally recognizes Palestinian state

Army Raids the House of a Popular Committee Member in Beit Ummar Using Live Ammunition

5 Palestinians injured in spate of Israeli air raids on Gaza

Israel Set To Build And Market 5000 Units In Occupied East Jerusalem, W. Bank

Palestinian pres. briefs Kuwaiti media delegation on latest Palestinian developments

Israeli airstrikes target Rafah

Friday, December 24, 2010

Top Gaza Hamas official: We are committed to ceasefire with Israel

Daily Roundup: Child, Journalist Injured in Anti-Wall Protests, Tanks Enter Gaza

Israel monitors aid convoy heading to Gaza

IOF troops storm Negev prison, confiscate captives’ winter clothes

Seattle: Anti-Israel campaign called off

12 Israeli jets violate Lebanon airspace

Israel stalls on promised Gaza exports

Egyptian has 'revealed three Israeli spy cells'

UN slams Israel for home destructions
@ibnezra Protesters throw tear gas back on the soldiers in Ni'ilin

@PSCC_Palestine Soldiers now crossed the Wall in Ni'ilin in the direction of the village shooting tear-gas

Syrian Official Arrested in Egyptian-Israeli Spy Case

Gaza bound flotilla arrives in Lebanon (

Testimonies reveal IDF campaign to dismantle Palestinian society

Prisoners Group Brings Relief Behind Bars

Palestinian hurt by rubber bullets fired by IDF in W. Bank

Thousands in Tel Aviv protest plan for refugee detention facility

Israeli military to expel Jerusalem Palestinian

Netanyahu Accuses the Palestinians Of Obstructing Peace

Settlement expansion in Palestine rises by 65 per cent

We Will Never Forget 27/12: A new generation (1/2)

We Will Never Forget 27/12: A new generation (2/2)

Mitchell: Lack of U.S. involvement in Mideast could lead to outbreak of violence

Israeli missile falls in Israeli town

Youth arrest in Nabi Saleh

Israeli forces shoot Palestinian farmer north of Gaza

U.S. criticizes PA bid to take settlement construction to UN

The Unexpected Sound of Christmas: Palestinians and the Bagpipe

Israeli amb. suddenly leaves Cairo

US memo: Israel bombed Syrian reactor,7340,L-4003896,00.html

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Israelis kill one Gazan, wound three

Gaza religious affairs ministry denounces new 180-house settlement plan in J'lem

For the eighth time in a row the Israeli Interior ministry demolish Al-arakib village

Medics: 1 dead after shooting on Gaza border

Uruguay plans to recognize Palestinian state

Israel still eyeing free F-35s

Israeli settlers building 100 illegal homes: NGO

'Israel rallying for another Gaza war'

National committee holds Israel responsible for life of detainee Asfour

Haaretz journalist doubles as anti-"delegitimization" operative

Three Arrested Near Jenin, Troops Close Off City

PA: Hamas cell planned attack on Ramallah

Christmas in Bethlehem

OPT: Gaza two years on

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (16-22 December 2010)

Israeli gunfire wounds four in Gaza

Export of products from Gaza to Europe to be resumed - radio