Thursday, September 30, 2010

Arab League may call for UN Security Council session on settlement freeze expiration

Qassem: We Won't Start Civil Strife, But We'll End It, By Any Means Necessary, If Others Start It

Iran summons envoy for U.S. "sanctions" on its officials

Secret focus of Obama-Netanyahu talks: Israel's strategic ambiguity policy

Minister admits US military role in Yemen

Army Fires At Farmers, homes, In Rafah

Negotiator says Mitchell denied US guarantees

PFLP calls for immediate withdrawal from talks

Decade later, Hamas leader says Arafat, despite denials, wanted attacks on Israel

Israeli Settlers Write Slogans Call For Mosque Demolition In Nablus

Iran feeds Shiite militia in the Iraqi south

Abu Zuhri: Hamas keenness on reconciliation not reflecting support for talks

Ansar Al-Asra: Israel kidnaps about 500 Palestinian children every year

Detentions made in Al-Aqsa following settler visit

Police arrest 12 Arabs at Temple Mount 

Palestinians may continue talks if construction limited to settlement blocs,7340,L-3962220,00.html

Silwan studies Israeli use of expired weapons

Silwan studies Israeli use of expired weapons

Arab League postpones meeting

Jewish Boat to Gaza - Transcript of Yonatan & Itamar's statement of events

Obama makes personal appeal to Netanyahu for settlement freeze extension

Acts of Violence Prepared against Iranian Interests to Coincide with Ahmadinejad's Lebanon Visit, Report


Zionist settlers call for demolishing mosque in Burin

Merhebi: Hezbollah is arming groups in North Lebanon

Obama: Israelis in Jordan Valley even after Palestinian state

Abbas, Mitchell meet in Ramallah

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is meeting with special US envoy George Mitchell in Ramallah. Abbas is expected to condition the continuation of peace talks with Israel on a new settlement construction moratorium. (Ali Waked),7340,L-3962177,00.html

'Obama guarantees Bibi: Only 2 more months of freeze',7340,L-3962161,00.html

Palestinians expected to leave direct talks

PLO factions to discuss stance on talks

Gaza worker said injured by Israeli UXO

I received death threats from Israel, says Dubai police chief

Palestinian Group Sells Out To The Lobby

So Fayyad and Abbas have decided that if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Under the tutelage of the American Task Force On Palestine, they have decided to join up with the Jewish far right in this country.


Obama letter offered Netanyahu security pledges and political cover at the UN in return for 2 month settlement freeze:

Report: Obama won't stop Israeli attack on Iran

News Analysis: New Intifada may not erupt if talks between Israel, PNA fail

In a Computer Worm, a Possible Biblical Clue

An alarmed Iran asks for outside help to stop rampaging Stuxnet malworm

Iraqi Shiite militia hints of Iran's hand in south

Ninth Resignation Puts STL In Suspicion Circle

Russia to promote diplomacy with Iran to solve nuclear issue -

PLO official: maneuvers behind Israeli PM, FM statements

IOF killed 7407 Palestinians, including 1859 children since September 2000

Israel violates Lebanon airspace again

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Abbas aides defiant on settlement freeze ahead of Mitchell meet

Palestinians victims of ethnic cleansing MIDEAST TALKS FAIL 2010

Inside Story - Mahmoud Abbas' dilemma

Palestinians mark anniversary of second Intifada

Palestinian Authority Recommends Whitewashing Gaza War Crimes

Joe Lieberman: U.S. Should Not Outsource Stopping Iran

PCHR slams PA resolution to freeze Goldstone report (Abbas sold his ppl out!)

UN Fact-Finding Mission Says Israeli Killing of US Citizen was "Execution"

Words from Lillian Rosengarten, U.S peace activist and passenger aboard the Irene, the Jewish boat to Gaza.

PKK Guerrillas from Turkey, Syria and Iraq should join PJAK Now

Japan calls for settlement freeze

Weapons research expedited

US targets Iranian officials over abuses

Palestinian negotiator: US envoy's Mideast mission "last chance"

Lebanon divisions over Hariri tribunal deepen - Hezbollah sees Hariri tribunal as Israeli-American tool attempting to sow discord in Lebanon.

Allawi vows not to be part of al-Maliki government

Hezbollah to block financing for Hariri tribunal

Gazans rally against buffer zone

EU's Ashton to make surprise Israel visit amid recent peace talks crisis

Palestinian rights groups slam Gaza vote at UN

Report: Obama trades weapons for talks

Israeli Military Raids Houses In Jerusalem

UN backs report on Israel's flotilla attack

Iran Puts Off Bushehr Plant Launch to Early 2011

Tough Days Lie Ahead in Lebanon

Iran-China Strong Ties Concern US

Mash'al, Egypt intelligence chief meet over unity deal

Palestinian worker injured in IOF shooting, settlers steal olive crop

Gazan children still suffering from anxiety

Hariri: We Won't Let Rafik Hariri's Blood Go Waste

Hezbollah blames Israel’s renewed settlement drive on behavior of Arab leaders

Marwan Barghouthi: Too early to talk of new intifada

Palestinian injured in Israeli shooting

Iraq's Allawi asks Syria to press Iran not to meddle

Report: Assad tells Ahmadinejad not to visit south Lebanon,7340,L-3961917,00.html

News Analysis- Talks and Occupation -09-27-2010-(Part 1)

U.S. Jews outraged by Lieberman's UN speech READ THE COMMENTS!

Abbas is unfit to lead the Palestinian people

Israeli tanks enter Gaza

Lieberman: I Only Spoke Facts

International Members of the Crew @jewishboat2gaza latest.

Ministers: Lieberman causing Israel damage,7340,L-3961736,00.html

Islamic Iran Launches "Bavar-2" Stealth Flying Boats - Details [Press TV...

Wahhab Calls on Opposition Ministers to Resign, Topple Government

Between Israel’s PM and FM: Who’s Israeli Chief Representative?!

Assad to visit Iran next month 'to tighten ties',7340,L-3961713,00.html

Israeli Passengers From The Jewish Boat to Gaza Claim Military Statement Was False

Egyptian Pres., Sarkozy discuss Israeli-Palestinian negotiations

Barak: Lieberman speech eggs on Israeli opponents,7340,L-3961687,00.html

Israel Asked by U.S. to Weigh 60-Day Settlement-Ban Extension

Israeli court allows displacement of Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah area

Fatah threatens Israelis with 'unforgettable lesson' should W. Bank construction resume

Ahmadinejad to throw stone at Israel while on Lebanon visit

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jewish Gaza-bound activists: IDF used excessive force in naval raid

“I as a Holocaust survivor cannot live with the fact that the State of Israel is imprisoning an entire people behind fences,” Moscowitz

Iran unveils seaplane used for attacks, surveillance,7340,L-3961524,00.html

Pioneer Iran blogger sentenced to 19 years prison

Video proves: Israeli guard lied about shooting that led to East Jerusalem riots

Netanyahu: I did not approve the contents of Lieberman's UN speech

Syrian FM says Syria ready to negotiate indirectly with Israel,7340,L-3961624,00.html

Jewishboat2gaza Foreign Nationals denied access to their legal representatives

Israel's raid on an aid flotilla bound for Gaza could end up as a case before the International Criminal Court

Irish Nobel Peace Prize laureate refuses deportation from Israel

Haneyya: Palestinian state only guarantee for stability

Israeli occupation police round up 34 Palestinians in Silwan

Zahhar: The Palestinian people's general mood is with the resistance

UN panel: Israel suppressing footage of Gaza flotilla raid

In Pictures: Funeral for three Palestinians killed by Israeli air raid in Gaza

Lieberman: Peace must be based on exchange of territory

Video of IDF troops board Gaza-bound boat

Gaza convoy in Istanbul to commemorate dead activists

Boat Busted: Israeli warships sunk Gaza blockade protest mission

Iran is the key to Mideast solution, says Lieberman

Iran warns Russia on siding with USdhf

Gaza family narrowly escapes Israeli airstrike

(Video) IDF takes over boat carrying nine activists

Medics: Gaza worker shot at northern border

Boat to Gaza forcibly diverted to Ashod

Breaking News Britain's Economic Growth Rate Confirmed Israel intercepts Jewish activist boat to Gaza: organisers

Israeli warships on Tuesday intercepted a boat of Jewish activists attempting to run a blockade of the Hamas-run Gaza Strip and diverted the vessel to an Israeli port, organisers said. 
"Ten Israeli warships forced the boat to head for (the Israeli port) of Ashdod by force, but without raiding the ship," Amjad al-Shawa, a Gaza-based organiser, told AFP.
"They surrendered because they were surrounded. They had no choice," he added.

Flotilla activists: IDF warning of injuries(see earlier post... Jewishship2gaza for updates),7340,L-3961331,00.html

Gaza-bound aid convoy reaches Turkey

Israeli settlers storm Joseph Tomb area in Nablus

US warns Syria: Don't destabilize Iraq, Lebanon

Scuffles bring police back to Silwan

Report: Settlers prepare to evict Jlem families
Nour Odeh updates..

Israeli police close off Palestinian neighborhood in E. Jerusalem to allow for settler march, clashes erupt

Israeli settlers enter Nablus with army protection overnight to enter into religious shrine


This Time, Hizbullah Will Reject Interrogation of 2nd Batch of its Members by UN Committee


Abbas: If settlement building continues, we'll be forced to stop talks

******Jewishboat2gaza UPDATES

Contact with boat 0700 GMT - between 20 and
25 miles from Gaza's shore.
20 miles is the limit of the naval blockade imposed by Israel on

12 nautical miles is the limit of Gaza territorial waters, occupied

 The Navy are 2 miles away and in site. More updates ASAP

The boat made contact again at 07:58 GMT. Navy boats approaching, about 2 miles away.

Being escorted by an Navy boat at a distance. They're 25 miles from shore

The boat is now being hailed by the Israeli Navy

Latest news from the boat - Hailed by navy - See attached response

An Israeli destroyer is cutting off their path.   Another small boat is  also approaching.
Several small boats and a frigate are stationary aboat a mile away from Irene.
The army hailed them and said they can not go to Gaza, which is  restricted and Irene’s passengers will be legally liable, especially the Israelis.
The frigate then moved closer while the small boat is now crossing their path too – it has machine guns front and back of it.
They frigate is blocking their path and some of the smaller boats are now trailing them.
Transmission ended at: 9.37 GMT

Palestine - Jewishship2gaza: Last known location of the boat,-4.064941&sspn=18.388688,39.506836&ie=UTF8&ll=31.784217,34.200439&spn=1.648262,2.469177&z=9 ...  radio silence. apparently boarded and taken over.

Navy seizes control of Gaza-bound flotilla.
Navy forces seized control of the ship "Irene" which entered a "no-sailing" zone near the Gaza coast line. No violence by crew members or Navy forces was exercised.

The IDF ordered the vessel to stop twice, but it did not comply. Navy vessels are a...ccompanying the ship to the Ashdod Port.,7340,L-3961347,00.html

pictures, update by IDF

Israel Navy to use force if Jewish aid boat heading for Gaza refuses to comply

Russia urges Israel to prolong Jewish settlement freeze

Iran calls for Gaza inquiry

MK Kara: We Will Rebuild Gush Katif

Israel ignores UN requests for human rights probes

Palestinians killed in Israeli raid

U.S. and Israel ink deal on short-range missile defense

Syria says interested in peace talks with Israel,7340,L-3961144,00.html

Senators ask Obama to pressure Abbas to continue talks

Direct negotiations suspended

Israeli settlement moratorium

idf soldiers use sound bombs 2 disperse a peaceful protest attended by less than 40 ppl , including many minors, in al-khalil /hebron. @Talkoholic

IRAQ: Mysterious killings continue to shake Baghdad

3 Jihad members killed in Gaza strike,7340,L-3961133,00.html

UN Fact-Finding Mission Says Israelis "Executed" US Citizen Furkan Dogan

Three suspected militants killed in Gaza aerial attack

Gaza - Three suspected Islamic Jihad militants were killed Monday and a fourth wounded in an Israeli aerial attack that targeted them in an area east of the central Gaza Strip, witnesses and medical sources said.
The witnesses said that a group of four militants, members of al-Quds Brigades, the Islamic Jihad movement's armed wing, were hit by an Israeli air-to-ground missile east of the central Gaza Strip refugee camp of al-Bureij.The group was hit right after they fired a homemade projectile from the area at southern Israel, witnesses said. Ambulances had immediately arrived at the scene and took the four to the hospital.Medical sources at al-Aqsa Hospital in the central Gaza town of Deir el-Ballah said that three were killed and one was moderately injured by fragments from the Israeli missile.No immediate response was available from the Israeli army spokesman. However, the witnesses said that the rocket the militants fired had exploded shortly before it was launched and caused a heavy explosion in the area.Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu had vowed earlier this week that Israel would respond to every single rocket Gaza militants fire from the coastal salient at southern Israeli communities and towns.In December 2008, Israel carried out the Cast Lead large-scale military offensive on the Gaza Strip, which lasted for three weeks. It left 1,400 Palestinians and 11 Israelis killed.In recent weeks, particularly after the resumption of the direct peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, Gaza militant groups have escalated their homemade rocket attacks from Gaza on Israel. Author: Saud Abu Ramadan,killed-gaza-aerial-attack.html


Palestine - Gaza: Hamas television reported two Palestinians were killed in an unidentified explosion in the Gaza Strip.

Developing: 3 dead in Israeli airstrike

Developing: Israel says airstrikes targeted operatives preparing to fire projectiles

Palestinians: IDF strike kills three Islamic Jihad militants in Gaza

3 Palestinian killed in an israeli strike in bureij camp!

3 Palestinians killed 20 minutes ago by an israeli tanks attack on the buriej refugee camp!

Palestine-Gaza: Israeli airplanes targeted another house in central Gaza but no injuries are reported so far!

Names of the 3 martyers who were killed tonight! Alaa abu zneida 23 Awni Abdelhadi 26 Mohammed Eid 24

They say that the pieces of bodies they found belongs to 4 not to three as mentioned in the previous status but they didnt find the 4th head so far!

According to witnesses, there is a fourth missing body!

there is no fourth body, The fourth is found hiden in one of the houses near the explosion site!

Sarkozy condemns Israeli decision

Monday, September 27, 2010

US dismayed by Israel decision, Mitchell on new trip

Iran court orders dissolution of reformist parties,7340,L-3961122,00.html

Palestinians wait on decision to quit peace talks

Fatah: Israel has few days to reinstate freeze,7340,L-3961101,00.html

Clinton meets with Syrian foreign minister

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem in New York on Monday afternoon to gauge Syrian interest in reviving Israeli-Syrian peace talks. The meeting will be the highest level US-Syrian contact since Obama took office in January 2009, U.S. officials said. (AP)

Lieberman: Palestinians to blame for absence of peace deal

Lieberman: U.S. forced Palestinians into negotiations

Lieberman: Arab League should deal with its own problems, not blame Israel (Haaretz)

Israel criticised by Islamic states in UN rights body

STL Credibility, Anti-Hezbollah Indictment Taking Lebanon to Unknown

Cyber attack on Iran expands: Tehran threatens long-term war in reprisal

'Iran, Syria, US want Maleki as Iraq PM'

Saudi prince still missing

Hamas praises PFLP decision to freeze PLO membership

IOA expands tunnel network underneath Aqsa

Israel warns Gaza-bound "Irene" ship

Hamas reacts to peace talk concerns

Israeli Settlers Begin Clearing Beit Ommar Land Immediately After Settlement Freeze Expires

An American sees the occupation for the first time and–

Nabil Shaath says PA will grant Israel few days to halt construction,7340,L-3961066,00.html

Hamas leader defends use of violence

Lieberman tells Ban that construction issue is Palestinian excuse,7340,L-3961078,00.html

87 senators ask Obama to pressure Abbas to continue talks

PressTV - Israeli forces shoot Palestinian protestor in Gaza

Israel claims it''s been UNHRC''s victim

Israel vows to stop Jewish Gaza blockade-runners

Turkey, Egypt hold naval exercises Sept 29

Could Iran retaliate for apparent cyber attack?

Mashaal: We'll continue 'to kill illegal settlers'
U.S. 'disappointed' by Israel's settlement decision

France and Palestine criticize resumption of West Bank settlement construction -

Jewish settlements at tipping point - Fatah official 

UN "disappointed" at Israeli settlement activity

A firebomb was thrown at an Israeli vehicle Monday next to Tarkumia, northwest of Hevron

60 Gush Katif evacuees build new West Bank settlement

Hamas: PA detained 7 supporters in the West Bank

Israeli forces detain 5 Palestinians in Nablus district
Barak and Blair meet in Tel Aviv to discuss future of peace talks

US Mideast envoy to return to region

7,400 killed in decade of Mideast violence- B'Tselem: 6,371 Palestinians, including 1,317 minors, killed by Israel since uprising in 2000.

Hamas chief urges Abbas to quit talks with Israel

Israel vows to stop Jewish blockade boat

IOF has raided another school in occupied Palestine and detained a 7th grade Palestinian student, Karam Na'im Da'na

Palestinians seen extension of UN Gaza mission-Israel calls for end to investigations

Hamas says Palestinian reconciliation on the way

12 Palestinians killed since the outset of direct peace talks

Prisoner specialist: Situation in Israeli jails could blow up any moment

Hamas muscle-flexing sparks Gaza clash with Israeli troops

Hamas: Settlement activity shows Israel's intentions

Jewish Boat to Gaza - Yosh Kosminsky Reports that the IDF have boarded the Irene are untrue - they have fired at a fishing boat

U.S., European embassies in Beirut increase alert level, issue advisories

MUST WATCH: Tears Of Gaza (Gazas TÃ¥rer) - Trailer

Earthquake southern Iran was 6.1 on the Richter scale, seismologists say

Islamic group wants UN backing for report against Israel

PA says 'quiet' construction freeze to go on,7340,L-3960658,00.html

Settlement Slowdown Ends in the West Bank

No Official Palestinian Response on Settlements before Oct 4, Abbas' Spokesman

Inside Story - A nuclear-free Middle East?

Fatah official says 'serious progress' in unity talks

Abbas spokesman:no peace talks decision until next week

Bulldozers roll out across West Bank as settlement freeze ends

'Israel representative of Devil on Earth'

'West targets Hezbollah to favor Israel'

CNN: Israeli soldiers sexually abused Palestinian children

Report: 6371 Palestinians, 1317 kids killed by Israeli forces in last decade

Limited IOF incursion in Gaza, 5 civilians rounded up in Nablus

Zionist settlers bulldoze lands in Yatta

Israeli Construction Freeze Ends

Bulldozers begin construction in Ariel as freeze ends

West Bank settlement construction resumes

Russia wants “honorable” STL indictment, ambassador says

'Jewish boat to Gaza' leaves Cyprus

Moussawi: What happened at the airport will recur whenever we please

Palestinians: IDF operating east of Khan Younis

Palestinian sources in the Gaza Strip are reporting that Israeli army forces have crossed the Gaza border fence and are approaching Khan Younis. Shot have been heard in the area. The IDF has not yet commented.,7340,L-3960533,00.html

Bankrupt Ramallah leadership surrendering to Israel

US says talks still ongoing on Israeli settlements

Iran to sue Russia for not delivering S-300 missile system: MP

Israeli settlement freeze ends

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC STATEMENT - Justice for victims of Gaza conflict hangs in balance

Jewish Boat to Gaza

‎"There's a really good spirit on
board, there's a very favourable weather forecast for the journey,
someone up there is looking out for us"

_ Glynn Secker, Skipper of boat 'Irene.' - 26.09.10 22:00 GMT

Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades claim responsibility for shooting attack

The al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, Fatah's military wing, and al-Quds Brigades, the Islamic Jihad's military wing, claimed responsibility for the shooting attack that injured a husband and his pregnant wife outside Teneh Omarim in the West Bank.
In a statement issued, the groups said, "The attack was carried out to mark the 15th anniversary of the killing of the Islamic Jihad's founder Fathi Shaqaqi." However, in a conversation with Ynet, members of both organizations denied having any knowledge of the statement. (Ali Waked),7340,L-3960342,00.html 

PM calls on Abbas to continue 'good and honest talks for peace',7340,L-3960329,00.html
As the West Bank settlement building freeze expired, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement calling upon Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to continue "the good and honest talks we have just now started in order to reach a historic peace agreement between our two peoples." (Attila Somfalvi)

Arab Parliament mulls regional hot issues - Al-Deqbasi

Ma'an exclusive: Turkey's draft resolution on Gaza flotilla

Egypt Locates Explosives in Sinai

Israeli Settlement Slowdown to End at Midnight

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jumblatt: We Got Tribunal But I Wish We Didn't, Truth behind False Witnesses

Following The Killing of Jerusalem Infant, Clashes Renew Leading To Dozens Of Injuries

smoke coming out of "city of David visitors center" in Silwan. 
israeli occupation forces surrounding Wadi 7ilweh in Silwan. 
israeli occupation forces break into a number of Palestinian homes in Silwan
@palaestina (Jerusalem  updates)

Welcome To Gaza !

Clinton asks Arab leaders to support Abbas,7340,L-3960312,00.html

Fatah wing vows response to settlement activity

Israeli army disperses protest in Hebron

'In whose name do they talk?' - Gazans share their views on the talks taking place between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Iran crosses into Iraq to hit bombing suspects

Abbas: Construction Makes Talks a Waste of Time

More terror looms as direct talks collapse - one up for Hamas, Hizballah

Yisrael Katz: We are at end of freeze and can start building at midnight,7340,L-3960300,00.html

@ibnezra - SILWAN

In silwan. Situation is super tense and fog is covering the area once again

Gas all over silwan and we are in the information center but we are move with the rioting

Everyone on the streets of silwan. Soldiers are throwing beer bottles on the residents and fights are starting

Fighting starting again on the rooftops of silwan. Long night ahead

In front of the jonathan house in silwan

Soldiers on the move in silwan

More in Silan

One more from the soldiers on the move in silwan

Quiet now and we are off

Israeli woman gives birth soon after hurt in West Bank shooting

Palestinians clash with IDF near site of shooting attack,7340,L-3960298,00.html

Unfrozen settlements put peace on ice

Abbas request urgent Arab League meeting to discuss talks -

Will Israel Bomb Iran

Part 1 of 4

Part 2 of 4

Part 3 of 4

Part 4 of 4

Arab League to meet next week to decide whether Israel-Palestinian talks should continue

Iran's Option In Case of Attack On Its Nuclear Facilities