Sunday, October 31, 2010

US counter-terror to re-examine UPS crash in Dubai in September

Report: Israeli soldiers kill 3, injure dozens in October in Gaza Strip

Daily shootings in Gaza's border zone

Iranian intelligence chief meets Khaled Mashaal in Damascus

Iranian Intelligence Minister Haidar Moslehi met in Damascus with Hamas Politburo Chief Khaled Mashaal, who at the end of their meeting said they discussed the conflict with Israel.,7340,L-3977597,00.html 

Hariri’s resignation is out of question, Houri says

Gunmen kill guards at Baghdad stock exchange

Two Jewish youths charged with shooting at Arabs during Safed clashes

Father of Gaza deportee dies in Bethlehem

3 Israeli Terrorist Detained Near National Guard Blackhawk

Hamas 'not following in Fatah's footsteps'

Gunmen kill 2 guards, flee to church where they are holding hostages in Baghdad, police say.

Report: Al-Qaeda militants hold hostages in Baghdad church

Yishai: We'll fight for Jewish majority

Jewish settlers on the rampage in Salfit

Undercover police expel minors arrested at scene of alleged stone throwing

Netanyahu in Washington next week, no meeting with Obama scheduled


This week, 29 Palestinians injured by Israeli forces in the oPt; another six injured by settlers in the West Bank; three Palestinians killed and three others injured in tunnel related incidents and 26 injured in an explosion in Gaza. Also in the West Bank, settler violence continues unabated during olive harvest. Stop-work and eviction orders continue. In the Gaza Strip, limited construction materials for UN projects continue to enter. Fuel shortages continue; power cuts increase to 16 hours per day.

Egypt Backs Away from Obama's Direct Talks Failure

"No chance for two states": Interview with Knesset member Haneen Zoabi

Israeli Army Arrests Nonviolent Demonstrator in Al-Ma'asara

Fatah offical says Fayyad ungrateful to Abbas

Yemen: the new front in the war on terror?

Jewish mob leaves Palestinian man in critical condition after senseless attack

European politicians to visit J'lem, W. Bank and meet with Palestinian officials

Resheq slams settlers' arson attack on J'lem church

Hamdan: Idea of int'l conference a waste of time and effort

Israel airline 'humiliates' US professor

Saudi initiative rejected in Iraq, welcomed regionally

German minister cancels Mideast visit

Netanyahu to fly to US for talks on peace

Israeli premier: Bomb plot means "rising wave" of terrorism

Tourism Minister urges Israeli tourists to boycott Turkey

Suicide bomber wounds 22 in Istanbul

Bahrain opposition falls short of majority in polls:

Saudi king's son expected in Damascus to discuss Lebanon

Saudi media reported that the Saudi king's son is expected to visit Damascus for a few hours to talk about political tension in Lebanon.
Iranian Intelligence Minister Haidar Maslahi arrived in Damascus on Saturday and is expected to meet Syrian President Bashar Assad on Sunday. (Roee Nahmias),7340,L-3977192,00.html 

Sources: Egypt wants to host peace conference

Gaza: 1 terminal partly open, Karni closed

Rights groups decry olive harvest settler vandalism

Franjieh Calls on Hariri to Declare Tribunal Politicized, Rejected stolo

Road To Hope: Ken O'Keefe Libyan Egyptian Border Low Res

Saudi King Invites Iraqis to Riyadh for Talks on Forming Govt.

Netanyahu risks diplomatic rift with France over settlement freeze

Israeli army closes Bethlehem checkpoints

Israel expands Nablus settlement

'We want social justice for all' Mustafa Barghouti represents the Palestinian hope of an emerging third power.

Yemen: New Home of Al-Qaeda

Fayyad: Don't blame Israelis for settler terrorism

Road to Hope - Convoy update/Press release

Political analyst: Egyptian officials informed of next Israeli strike on Gaza

IOA blocks travel of Palestinian MPs

Arab League welcomes Mideast Nuke free-zone UN decision

Arab League rejects UNRWA official''s remarks on Palestinian refugees

Israel unlikely to launch new war on Gaza - Haniyah

Betrayed with a kiss? Why did Peres just lie about the night of the Rabin assassination?

West Bank terrorists target Israeli vehicle

Weekly Demonstrations: Friday, 29 October 2010

Israel's nuclear heads are trained at Muslims, period


Fake "War on Terrorism": In Yemen the US is Fighting against Democracy, not against Al Qaeda
Yemen War: Where US and Iran Jockey for Regional Primacy
Yemeni President bars US commando raid on al Qaeda package plotters

U.S. Official says ready to help Yemen fight Al-Qaeda
With an intelligence help by the United States, Yemen has beefed up security campaign including air raids on al-Qaida wing since the Yemen-based wing claimed

Haniyeh rules out new war on Gaza

Yemeni arrested, al-Qaida bomber eyed in mail plot

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Northern Israel Arabs riot after car accident,7340,L-3976946,00.html

Ayalon: PA request to UN to declare state is idle threat

Canadian MP hosted in Ramallah
Two mortar shells were fired into southern Israel from the Gaza Strip on Saturday landing in the Eshkol Regional Council area. No injuries

Bardawil: Israel paving way for next strike on Gaza Strip

Egypt denies entry of European Gaza-bound aid convoy

PA rejects "renting land" to Israel

Printer bomb threat puts Yemen in spotlight again

Hamas says projectile launchers mutineers

'Netanyahu offered Palestinian state on temporary borders'

Turkey policy paper: Israel's actions threaten Mideast

Christians ask South African opera to reconsider Tel Aviv

Hamas: PA targeting An-Najah University

Four shot and others injured in peace march in Ma'sara

Shallah: PA's insistence on its talks option may liquidate the Palestinian cause

500 Palestinian workers detained in October

Netanyahu Furious at UNESCO Status of West Bank Shrines

Last-minute foreign tipoff thwarted cargo plane plot

Road To Hope - Gaza

The latest news is that Egypt is refusing entry to the convoy at Libya - Egypt border. The organisers are trying hard to negotiate with all the Embassies concerned to find a compromise solution. There may be a chance that Libya will provide a boat so that the convoy can cross to "El Arish" in Egypt. But this is by no means certain.

Gaza rockets are being launched by rogue militants, Hamas official says

'No one has dared inspect Iran ships'

Sfeir: STL Should Specifically Name the Criminals, Hizbullah is Adopting Control Methods

30 killed, 67 injured in suicide bombing attack on Iraqi cafe

20 explosive devices suspected to be en route to US,7340,L-3976876,00.html

Egypt police shoot Sudanese migrant at Israeli border

Anti-Arab Militia Latest Face of Galilee’s Judaisation

Israel attacks anti-apartheid wall demo

Yemen Officials: Packages Didn’t Come From Yemen-Officials Insist No Cargo Planes Even Left Yemen in Last 48 Hours

'Israeli commander admits Gaza crimes'

Israeli plans to distort features of Buraq plaza

Mishaal: Resistance will rise again in the West Bank

Mishaal: Resistance will rise again in the West Bank

German intelligence disappointed at Netanyahu's management of Shalit file

Moroccans demonstrate against presence of Israeli MKs

UK voices commitment to STL

US reaffirms support for Lebanons special tribunal

Hamas: There was no meeting with Israel

US Activists urge State Dept to call for release of jailed activist

France calls for controlling illegitimate arms transfer to Lebanon

This documentary is a description of life in a Palestinian refugee camp in the West Bank through interviewing the inhabitants of the camp.

Part 1 of 5
Part 2 of 5
Part 3 of 5
Part 4 of 5
Part 5 of 5

Tareq Aziz goes on hunger strike

Caterpillar Corporation stops shipment of armored bulldozers to Israeli military

Yemen refutes claims on suspicious packages on West-bound flights

Israel persists with "inhumane" Gaza closure policy but to no avail -

Teenager Killed in Grenade Explosion in North Lebanon

Extremist Settlers Burn Jerusalem Church

Bili'in 29/10/2010: free Prisoners -via @Talkoholic

Ibrahimi mosque closed for Muslim worshipers as settlers celebrate "Chaye Sarah"

Top Chinese political advisor arrives in Syria for official visit

US condemns Hezbollah threats over Lebanon tribunal

25 killed, 75 injured as suicide bomber targets Iraqi cafe

Obama: Two explosives on US-bound cargo planes for Chicago synagogues

Obama: Packages containing explosives addressed to Jewish organizations in Chicago

Friday, October 29, 2010

CNN: Packages sent by person in Yemen who's known to be connected to terrorism.

CNN International: A number of suspicious packages found in England and Europe. Packages sent by person in Yemen linked to terrorism.
FedEx: FedEx Has Embargoed All Shipments from Yemen
Scotland Yard, TSA and White House statements regarding potential terror plot -
U.S. intelligence on possible package plot came from ally abroad - U.S. official.
White House confirms 2 suspicious devices found on U.S.-bound cargo planes originated from Yemen

Lebanon braces for worst as Hezbollah snubs UN Hariri probe

Big rally by Islamic Jihad in Gaza, joined by Hamas

Islamic Jihad leader: Israel must be wiped out of existence

Arab League urges punishment for abuse revealed by WikiLeaks

Tens of thousands join Jihad rally in Gaza

Israeli Troops Use Tear Gas To Stop Weekly Anti-Wall Protest In Ni'lin

Israeli Forces Suppress Al-Ma'sara Protest

One Injured, Dozens Suffer Ffrom Gas Inhalation At Bil'in Weekly Protest

The Israeli-Palestinian Settlement Impasse

Hamas official: We were warned of possible Israeli strike,7340,L-3976711,00.html

Gaza borders closed for weekend

'Settlements constant of Israeli policy'

Female Detainee On Hunger Strike For Third Day

Soldiers Deny Palestinians Access To Their Lands In Hebron

Report: Israel slams UNESCO decisions as biased

Palestinians should not seek int''l pressure to push for ME peace -- Netanyahu

Report: Foreign Ministry prevents Geneva Convention meeting

Report: US, Israel discuss land-lease with future Palestinian state (40-99YRS)

Iran welcomes P5+1 signal for talks

Lebanon faces crisis as Hezbollah snubs Hariri probe

US blames Syria for Lebanon insecurity

Settler numbers rise at almost 3 times nat’l average

Erekat: “Statements Of UNRWA's Director, Disappointing”

Israeli occupation decide to banish Kabaha from his birthplace

STL Condemns Nasrallah's Boycott Call, Vows to Continue Cooperation with Lebanon Government

Palestinian Children Prevented from Going to the Tel Aviv Film Festival

UN-backed court criticizes Hezbollah boycott call,7340,L-3976675,00.html

Report: U.S. proposes that Israel lease lands in East Jerusalem from a future Palestinian state

Israeli Navy Opens Fire At Palestinian Fishermen

Jailed Bahrainis detail torture at trial

Hamas, Fatah to hold talks in Damascus soon

Abbas: Resuming negotiations remains first option

Geagea Says Nasrallah's 'Very Dangerous' Speech Threatens Lebanese State

PM lacks majority in any cabinet forum to renew moratorium

Netanyahu Meets with Senator Lieberman


The War of the Olive Harvest: Palestinians vs. Settlers,8599,2028009,00.html?xid=rss-world&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+time%2Fworld+%28TIME%3A+Top+World+Stories%29

Israel thwarts election of Turkish representative to PAM role

Palestinian prisoner prefers pain than confinement

Middle East talks still lack 'necessary breakthrough' - Egypt's foreign minister

Gaza Facing Massive Water Crisis. 95% Of Gazan Watern Not Fit For Human...


Hizbollah leader calls on Lebanese people to boycott Int''l Investigation Cmte
US expresses concerns over Syrian activities in Lebanon
UN envoy cautious about blaming Syria for arming Hezbollah
Lebanon welcomes UN Secretary-General''s latest report

Nasrallah: "Violations" against Lebanese in UN probe unacceptable

Summary Of Sayyed Nasrallah's Speech - Hariri Tribunal Crossing Red Lines

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Netanyahu: Settlement building won't affect final status peace deal

Nasrallah: international investigators violate Lebanon… all information they get go to Israel

Russia: No taboo on arms sales to Iran

Abbas: We may seek UN recognition

Hamas official: Another Gaza war would cost Israel dearly

Hamas-Fatah divide turns the lights out on Gazans

Israel Considering "Deporting African Migrants", Building Wall "To Keep ...

UN official warns of the extremely dangerous situation in Lebanon

Sayyed Nasrallah - Why is the Hariri Tribunal (STL) Invading Womens Clin...

Nasrallah calls for boycotting STL

Jordan condemns UN official's remarks that Palestinian refugees won't return

'Israel benefited Rafiq Hariri murder'

Will the Palestinians Take Their Case to the U.N.?,8599,2027944,00.html?xid=rss-world&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+time%2Fworld+%28TIME%3A+Top+World+Stories%29

Israel slammed for 'human trafficking'

Desperate America pushes for Middle East talks

Egypt: No breakthrough in Mideast peace talks

Syria flouts Lebanon sovereignty, arms militants: U.S.

Israeli Prisons Authority: Three Months in Solitary Confinement For Dental Care

Knesset Committee Approves Bill That Allows Towns To Deny Residency

Cultural minister appreciates election of J'lem as Arab cultural capital

Bardawil: We hope to see Egypt support the Palestinian position against Israel

Israeli troops storm houses of senior Palestinian officials in Jenin

Assad: No indication Mideast peace talks will resume soon

Report: Revolutionary Guards to hold joint drills with Iranian military

Palestinians have other options if peace talks fail: Abbas

You should be ashamed of supporting Israel, Hamas tells West

'The West has no right to tell Hamas how to govern Gaza'

Rivlin: Settlement Construction Is Just "Palestinian Excuse" To End Negotiations

West Bank: Israeli Troops Arrests Eight Civilians During Morning Invasions

IHH: Netanyahu's insolence immeasurable

Haaretz: Top PA officials lecture Israeli officers, soldiers in military base

Umm al-Fahm officials to stage strike Thursday to protest police brutality

Israeli Miltary Kidnaps Two Palestinians, Installs Blockades in Hebron

Abu Sha'ar Condemned Building 750 Housing Units Approval

Israel: “Disturbing” data on readiness to fight back

'Egypt trying to convince Abbas to resume peace talks with Israel'

'Egypt trying to convince Abbas to resume peace talks with Israel'

Israel to start building fence with Egypt next month

Israel employs formulas to tighten siege on Gaza Strip

Totah: World community must assume responsibility toward Palestinians

Israel incursion on outskirts of Rafah

Palestinian Children Suffer The Most Among Children Around The World

Troops Invade Jenin, Bethelehem

Thanks, Dr. Fayyad, But...

Fayyad: PA will declare independent state in August 2011

LAF discovers weapons cache in Majdel Aanjar

Israeli warplane buzzes southern areas

Iran will be back in the frame

Knesset speaker tells French counterpart settlements an excuse,7340,L-3976216,00.html

Top Egyptian Officials in Ramallah

Report: US drawing up new, tougher nuclear deal for Iran,7340,L-3976192,00.html

Sappers disarm Syrian ordnance in Golan

Police officers alerted sappers late Wednesday night to the Golan in order to disarm two different Syrian munitions found there. A machine gun was found in open spaces and a fragmentation grenade was found near a cowshed. No injuries or damage were reported. (Hagai Einav),7340,L-3089,00.html

The Gaza Tunnels: A Special Investigation

Jordan PM: Only Resolving Palestinian Issue Will End Terrorism

Arab leaders call for strike in Umm Al Fahm

: Attack on STL investigators was planned, source says

Settlement bus company hired to shuttle OECD Jerusalem participants

Israel Admits Hezbollah Succeeded in Capturing MK Drone Images

Israel to begin work on Egypt barrier in November
IDF soldiers arrested eight Palestinian in the West Bank overnight Wednesday.
The suspects have been transferred to security forces for interrogation. 

Nasrallah to Appear on TV to Talk about Performance of International Investigation Committee

Israeli Police Attack Arabs Protesting Israeli Incursion On Their Land

Palestine - Gaza: France shows solidarity- New Flotilla

Rightists furious over Palestinian plans for new East Jerusalem schools

MK Hanin Zo'by Wounded By Israeli Fire

Whither Goldstone? Did the PA kill the UN's Gaza report?'

Soldiers Kidnap Seven Children In Silwan

U.S. Can Put the Squeeze on Israel

U.S. intel: China still aiding Iran 'in clear violation of UN sanctions'

Israel plans to build Egypt barrier

Israel passes another discriminatory law

31 Lebanese face jail for Israel aid

U.S. slaps sanctions on 37 Iran-related companies in Europe

Israel violates Lebanon airspace again

Lebanese parties urged to put national interests first

Iranian weapons seized in Nigeria, uncovering possible new route to Gaza

Israel's right wing starts its own Tea Party

Hamas leader calls for open dialogue with West

UAE: Ruler of Ras al Khaimah emirate dies

Palestinians denounce Israeli police disperse of Arab Israeli's protests

Gaza's national income shrinks as citruses are gone

Flotilla - Turks slam Israeli praise for raiders

Turks slam Israeli praise for raiders
nelkhuzundar Gaza, Palestine
Palestine - BREAKING: Gaza two loud explosions were just heard in Gaza yet no further info.

Mental Health Treatment in Palestine: Electroshocks and Out-dated Medicine

Women mob investigators probing Hariri murder in Beirut (Roundup)

Seven dead in string of attacks on Iraqi security forces (Roundup)

Jordan's king meets Iraq's Allawi, stresses need to form cabinet