Thursday, September 29, 2011

Arab League Condemns Israeli Escalation against Palestinian Prisoners

CAIRO, September 29, 2011 (WAFA) - League of Arab States “Palestinian Territory and the occupied Arab lands” reaffirmed on Thursday its full solidarity and support of the Palestinian prisoners, according to a statement issued by the Arab League.

The statement said that the league will stand by the prisoners, support them to achieve their legal right to a human treatment in addition to its persistence to release them.

The statement added that League of Arab States condemned the dangerous practices, which violate all human rights conventions, especially the Fourth Geneva Convention 1949. It demanded the international committee of the Red Cross and international organizations concerned with human rights, to move fast and search Israeli jails, and compel it to stop these practices against the prisoners.

It demanded that pressure be put on Israel to release those prisoners.

It mentioned that there are Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails and detention centers began an open hunger strike in 20 different prisons.

It indicated that this step comes as a protest against the punishment measures, such as racist treatment, torture and continuous and organized repression, which aim at breaking their will and steadfastness.

Palestine News & Info Agency - WAFA