Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ministry Demands Quartet to Condemn Settlements

RAMALLAH, September 28, 2011 (WAFA) – The ministry of foreign affairs Wednesday demanded the international quartet to announce a very clear condemnation of the Israeli decision to build 1100 new housing units in Jerusalem, according to a press release by the ministry.

The release said that the ministry demanded the Quartet to immediately interfere to stop settlement activities as it is a major obstacle to Palestinian-Israeli peace talks.

The ministry said that,” the Israeli authorities continually and arrogantly refuse to abide by the international resolutions and continue to defy the international community through its decision to build 1100 housing units in Jerusalem, bringing the number of housing units to more than 1800 units, which were approved by the Israeli authorities in order to judaize Jerusalem and completely isolate it from the West bank.”

It held Israel fully responsible for the failure and the stalling of peace process through turning its back on the international terms of reference, the international resolutions, the signed agreements and the road map plan, as well through its continued land confiscation and settlement activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) since 1967.

It added that this decision constitutes a flagrant challenge of the international community’s will and aggression against human dignity. The decision reveals the true face of the Israeli government and its prime minister and ministers as well as the falsity of its statements at the United Nations General Assembly, at the same time it proves the validity of president Mahmoud Abbas’ political decisions, particularly, the Palestinian bid to UN.

It called for actual actions, not only international condemnations, to deter the Israeli arrogance and violations, in order to insure an immediate cessation of settlement activities and protect the two-state solution in accordance with the international terms of reference.

It also called upon all UN Security Council members to vote in favor of the Palestinian bid as it is a key to the success of the peace process and any future negotiations.

Palestine News & Info Agency - WAFA