Saturday, November 26, 2011

Free Salah Hamouri Franco-Palestinian student held in Israel since March 13, 2005

Salah Hamouri
On 28 November, the young Franco-Palestinian Salah Hamouri should be released. Indeed at that time, he will, in the words of his sentence, served the full sentence. But now, for the Palestinians imprisoned in Israel and in particular for the residents of East Jerusalem, it is not uncommon that they are detained beyond their sentence. An arbitrary since May 2010 based on a law called "Law Shalit."   This law passed in the Knesset gives prison authorities various options to harden at will, so in a completely arbitrary, the conditions of detention of all Palestinian prisoners. Among the possibilities that are "given" to the Directorate of Israeli prisons, there is that to add 20 more days in jail a year of detention. For Salah Hamouri, innocent, was sentenced to seven years in prison and whose "trial" with the date of release of 28 November, the government can arbitrarily add 140 days in jail.   For many weeks, the support committee Salah Hamouri strongly urges the French government to intervene to secure the release of Salah at that time. Even senators and deputies, but also many citizens wrote to Alain Juppé to that effect and an engagement with this first step has been achieved. Indeed, on October 25, Minister of Foreign Affairs received the Israeli Ambassador to France and asked that the release of the Franco-Palestinian intervene "as soon as possible." The President of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy, who spoke in person several times to obtain the release of French prisoners abroad has never been demonstrated in support of Salah. It must act now to secure the release of this French Palestinian student of schedule in the grounds of decision.   Recall that this fellow was convicted by a military court to seven years in prison, without crime or evidence, but only on the basis of a charge of intent. To this injustice, we must not add arbitrary extension of his sentence. The President and his Minister of the Interior must act to get all the assurances of the release of Salah to 28 November, and as we know, if "they" do not grow, it will not be done. The Committee therefore asks the support elected officials and citizens to "take their writing to request an intervention by France that Salah's release on November 28 and he joined his many homes in East Jerusalem.