Thursday, November 24, 2011

Youth Activist Zama’areh: Reconciliation Must Be Real and On the Ground

Five months after the March 15 unity protests, Palestinian youths have reappeared to put an end to the division between Fatah and Hamas. Sharek Youth Forum director Badr Zama’areh said on Thursday the proposed reconciliation between the factions had to be executed “on the ground.”

Palestinians demonstrate in Bethlehem on March 15 for national unity (Brendan Work, PNN).
Indeed, on the same day that PA President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal are meeting in Cairo, the National Youth Campaign to End the Division called for a protest in Ramallah to force the factions to abide by the reconciliation conditions.

“The important thing is not that an agreement is signed, but that reconciliation is executed on the ground,” said Zama’areh. “The conditions are suitable for reconciliation and there is no need for all these delays. There are several issues to be discussed after reconciliation, such as finding jobs for graduates and the Judaization of the land, which is increasing every day.”

Za’amreh said Palestinian youths have lived in misery and hopelessness since the signing of the reconciliation and the achievement of virtually nothing. Abbas and Meshaal, he said, must come to final conclusions and decide to settle the issue of Palestinian representation with the ballot box.

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