Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fifty Freed Prisoners In Gaza Join Prison Hunger Strikers

  Scoop News

Fifty freed prisoners in the besieged Gaza Strip have announced a hunger strike in sympathy with the striking prisoners in occupation jails.
The freed prisoners made their announcement at a press conference at a tent sit-in, near the Unknown Soldiers Statue in Gaza City, a reporter for Ahrar-Wledna informed.
The hunger strikers also expressed their anger at the silence of the international community after three weeks of the hunger strike, with some strikers having been moved to hospitals and others put into solitary confinement, instead of acceding to their demands or at least taking them to hospital.
Even the Israeli media avoids speaking about the prisoners, their conditions or food strike.
The Zionist Israeli occupation leaders consider the Palestinian prisoners “criminals,” not defenders of rights and destiny.
Our reporter adds that the General Assembly of the UN had issued decision 2034, in December 1972, supporting the resistance against occupation, and denouncing any attempt of suppressing this resistance.