Tuesday, November 13, 2012

China reiterates support for Palestine's UN bid


BEIJING - A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman on Tuesday voiced the country's support for Palestine's status bid in the United Nations, calling on Palestine and Israel to resolve their status issue through political consultation.
"China understands, respects and supports Palestine on the issue concerning its membership in the United Nations," Hong Lei told a regular news briefing in Beijing.
Media reports say the question of statehood for the Palestinians is expected to come up for debate in the UN General Assembly later this month. Palestine is trying to upgrade its status in the UN from the current permanent observer as an entity to a non-member state.
During the briefing, Hong said China supports Palestine to be established as a country with East Jerusalem as its capital and in possession of full sovereignty and independence, in accordance with borders agreed upon in 1967.
The spokesman underscored China's support for the Palestinian people's efforts to regain their legitimate rights, noting that seeking independent statehood is the inalienable right of the Palestinian people, which can create a foundation for the "two-state solution."
Hong also stressed that peace talks are the only appropriate approach for the final realization of the two-state solution between Palestine and Israel.