Friday, November 16, 2012

Everyone should interfere in Israel's attacks on Gaza

Anadolu Agency
Turkish President Abdullah Gul said that he thought everyone should interfere in Israel's attacks against Gaza.
Speaking to reporters while visiting the Governor's Office in the northern province of Kastamonu on Friday, President Gul said that, unless everyone interfered, a new and bloody incident would take place in Gaza in front of the eyes of humanity.
We must not let a bloody incident take place in Gaza, Gul stressed.
"The massacre in Gaza in 2009 in which 1,500 people were killed took place just before an Israeli election. Israel will have elections in January. There should not be a bloody investment in the (Israeli) elections," Gul said.
Touching on the rules of engagement applied to Syria, President Gul said that all the rules were still applicable.
"We abide by international laws and the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) are ready to respond in case our rights and laws are violated," Gul also said.