Thursday, July 17, 2014

Gaza Youth Break Out @GazaYBO A message to all pro-Palestine activists.. Tweeps, Facebookers and protesters.Please read and share #Gaza

mbers of killed increasing, houses being destroyed, explosions and empty words; I am really not sure if we're making any difference here"
Listen my friend, I am not sure if I reposted your words correctly and I don't remember who you are but.... We all know that Israel controls all the international media and without you and all the activists who keep posting and protesting around the world, Israel would have killed much more and it would have already invaded Gaza.. You are powerful and you are the protection of the people in Gaza, maybe you don't know but you are..
During cast lead, In 2008 , Israel has killed 1500 palestinians and injured many more.. it has invaded Gaza and destroyed houses without caring about public opinion.. It was only because we did not have as many activist as we do today covering the news live from Gaza. we didn't have poeple exposing the israeli crimes against civilians and the number facebookers and tweeps talking about Gaza was way less than today, the number of people protesting in the streets was less.
Today, Israel is struggeling to keep its good reputation, They were saying that they have the most humane army in the world but this image doesn't exist any more and that was just because you are telling your friends about what is going on..
Keep posting, keep protesting, keep saying the truth and exposing the israeli crimes against the civilians in Gaza..
You are the voice of the voiceless 2 million people in Gaza.

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