Saturday, July 19, 2014

My 1st poem: Dedicated to Gaza and those who care

Remember how you posted and RT'd blogged and FB
and when the internet and power failed you, i'd worry if you were alive
No matter how hard i try or tried ...i feel shame that i fail and failed you ,
It's hard when the world won't listen to me or you
You support me, and comfort me when bombs fall like rain around you, just write  "partytime" while being buzzzed and bombed all day and all night...
I am in awe of you, going on each day while we would don't know how strong you are

I want you to know i have been taught well by you, yes sir...
You have taught me the meaning of life
It's been a lesson in humanity!
I will work and never give up and resist til the day you all are free.

by @danmike1 <3