Thursday, August 7, 2014

Family of Palestinian child burned to death: Israelis are the real Nazis

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- An Israeli court on Wednesday adjourned the hearings of the three Israeli settlers charged with burning alive Palestinian child Muhammad Abu Khdeir.
The suspects were brought before court having neither their feet nor hands chained as is usually the case with Palestinian detainees, Muhannad Jbara, lawyer of Abu Khdeir family, said.
Jbara told PIC in the wake of the adjournment decision: “The jury adjourned the decision on holding the second and third suspects in house arrest to August 13. The indictments will be heard in the official trial scheduled for September 9.”
The lawyer further pointed to the state of anxiety that has prevailed among Abu Khdeir’s family throughout the court hearing.
“You are Nazi criminals. We will prosecute you. We will appeal to the international criminal court whenever needed,” Abu Khdeir’s family vowed.
The three suspected killers kept their heads low until the end of the trial, Jbara noted.
“The family’s presence was a serious blow to the Israeli judiciary system. Jerusalemites will not remain silent over the murders committed against their offspring. They will call for the harshest penalties on the perpetrators,” he added.
Jabara said Abu Khdeir’s murder is a crime against humanity as the child was kidnapped and burned to death.
“This is a premeditated and pre-planned crime that ought to have a life-sentence. We will not tolerate any complacency or reluctance,” he pledged, pointing out that the Israeli occupation demolished the houses of the three Palestinians charged with the killing of three Israeli settlers in al-Khalil before they were even arrested or investigated.
“However we’ve not seen any such acts committed against Israeli suspects,” he said.
Abu Khdeir’s father, Muhammad Said, told the PIC: “I woke up since early morning to attend such a farce. The jury ruled for the release of the two suspected settlers allegedly for being minors and holding them in house arrest. I was infuriated when the jury passed such a decision, which was rejected by our lawyer”.
“I felt that I was hopeless during the trial because this is the first time I saw with my own eyes the criminals who burned my son Muhammad alive. It was a painful moment… I wanted to see their eyes but they did not lift their heads an inch.”
“My only wish is to have those killers face the same fate as my son’s,” he said.
“Israeli settlers are the new Nazis who burned my son. The Israeli occupation army has burned more than 400 Palestinian children in Gaza over the past month,” he charged.
Six Israeli suspects were taken into custody following the murder. Three of them were released under pretext of being uninvolved in the crime.
Dozens of Palestinians rallied with Au Khdeir’s family in Jerusalem streets on Wednesday morning yelling such slogans as “Who burns a human being alive is a Nazi” and “Muhammad is a victim of Israeli racism.”