Thursday, August 7, 2014

Haneyya: We back up Hamas delegation in Cairo, our demands non-negotiable

[ 06/08/2014 - 10:44 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- Deputy head of Hamas Political Bureau, Ismail Haneyya, voiced on Tuesday Hamas’s unyielding support for the Palestinian delegation in Cairo and the Movement’s longing for the implementation of a political venture that meets the needs and sacrifices of the Palestinian people and resistance.
“What the Israeli occupation failed to achieve in battlegrounds can never be acquired on political floors”, Haneyya declared in a statement on Tuesday.
“We’ve been handling all political moves with a great dedication and responsibility. We have reached a cease-fire agreement backed up by our Turkish, Qatari, and Egyptian brothers,” Haneyya added, acclaiming the victory by the Palestinian resistance and the legendary steadfastness of the Palestinian people as a key to lifting the Gaza siege.
Haneyya heaped praise on the Hamas delegation to the Cairo talks as a promoter of unity and a shield to the demands of the Palestinian people.
The blood of our people shed in Israeli massacres across the Gaza Strip will not go in vain, Haneyya vowed, hailing the Palestinian masses who stood firm throughout the Gaza offensive.
The magnitude of destruction wrought by the Israeli occupation is a proof of Israel’s failure to dash the will of the Palestinian resistance, he added.
“We will remain forever faithful to the blood of our martyrs,” Haneyya concluded, calling on the unity government and the resistance factions to press ahead with the reconstruction of Gaza.
In a related context, Hamas leader Osama Hamdan stated in an interview with al-Jazeera TV channel that the Palestinian representatives in Cairo are trying their best to have all of their demands met.
Hamdan urged the Arab parties to side with the Palestinian position, declaring: “Things are not as easy as they might appear. Nonetheless they are not impossible.”
The Palestinian delegation in Cairo has approved a unified set of demands to be discussed in the ceasefire talks held in Cairo.
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