Saturday, August 9, 2014

NAMES AND NUMBERS available for interview | International human shields in Gaza VIA Gaza's Ark

Hospital attacked: International human shields in Gaza available for interview | Gaza's Ark

According to international volunteers at the El-Wafa geriatric Hospital in Gaza City, Palestine, the hospital is currently under attack!
"The civilian population of Gaza is being bombed. We will stay with them in solidarity until the international community and our governments take action to stop Israel's crimes against humanity," stated Swedish International Solidarity Movement (ISM) activist, Fred Ekblad.
The volunteers are citizens of USA, Spain, Sweden, Venezuela, France, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.  “Windows and doors have been blown out, broken glass is everywhere, there is damage to the stairs and a big hole at the impact area,” reports Joe Catron, ISM activist from the U.S.
Basman Alashi, Executive Director of the hospital has said that the hospital will not be evacuated, as there is nowhere to evacuate the patients. "El-Wafa Hospital serves patients that need medical attention 24 hours a day, including patients who cannot move, and people who need to be fed by tube. This hospital is the only one in Gaza specialising in the rehabilitation of people who need physical and occupational therapy. All of their patients are over 60 years old. These men and women and they do not understand why the Israeli forces are firing rockets at the hospital as it serves humanity."
Minutes ago, Joe Catron (U.S. citizen) tweeted 
@jncatron Director of #Gaza's el-Wafa hospital @Bmedhat says power's been cut & every floor is being shelled. #GazaUnderAttack
The situation is critical, and the people at the front line need to speak to journalists NOW before it is too late.
For more information contact:
+972597406401 Ally Cohen, ISM Media Office (English)
+972592224699 Basman Alashi- executive director of El-Wafa hospital (English, Arabic)
Internationals at the hospital available for interview:
+972592224699 (ISM) Joseph Catron, USA
+972598345327 (ISM) Charlie, Sweden
+972595176849 Rina Andolini, UK
+972595251720 Huda Julie Webb-Pullman, Australia & New Zealand (English)
+972599759394 Collete Lechrien, France (French)
+970595934842  Manu Pineda, Spain (Spanish)
+972595209679 (ISM) Fred Ekblad, Sweden (Swedish/English)
+972595827070 Valeria Cortes, Venezuela (Spanish)
Local contacts in Canada available for comment:
David Heap 519 859 3579 (English, français)
Ehab Lotayef 514-941-9792 (English, العربية)