Wednesday, August 13, 2014

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The Palestinian Information Center

Palestinian prisoners falling prey to Israeli hounding
Palestinian human sources raised on Tuesday alarm bells over the unbearable detention circumstances endured by Palestinian prisoners inside of the Israeli Ramon and Nafha lock-ups.
Israeli violates truce, fires at Gaza fishermen
Israeli warships on Tuesday opened fire off Rafah shores southern Gaza Strip in total violation of the three-day humanitarian ceasefire.
Gaza' education crisis: 141 schools destroyed by the Israeli offensive
A remarkable education crisis has rocked the besieged Gaza Strip as more than 141 schools have been damaged throughout the Israeli offensive launched since July 7, the Ministry of Education said.
IOF nabs 15 Palestinians, including minors, wheel-chaired youngster
The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) rounded up at dawn Tuesday five Jerusalemites from the Shufa’at refugee camp and Beit Hanina, along with 10 West Bankers, including minors and a disabled youth.
Authorities declare Beit Hanoun in Gaza disaster area
The Palestinian authorities declared Beit Hanoun town to the north of the Gaza Strip a disaster area that needs urgent relief efforts.
Radwan: Discussion of Palestinian demands cannot be postponed
Leader in Hamas Movement Ismail Radwan denied Israeli claims saying that Palestinian factions agreed to postpone the discussion on the establishment of a seaport and an airport in Gaza.
Al-Qassam: Names of collaborators in exchange for information about soldiers
Al-Qassam Brigades said it would reveal the fate of the Israeli soldiers who were captured recently by its fighters if Israel gave it a name list of all its collaborators in Gaza and the West Bank.
Israeli settlers storm al-Aqsa Mosque under police protection
Dozens of Israeli settlers stormed on Tuesday morning al-Aqsa Mosque under Israeli police protection.

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