Saturday, September 8, 2012

Jerusalem Foundation: occupation commits ethnic cleansing against Jerusalemites

Jerusalem Foundation: occupation commits ethnic cleansing against Jerusalemites
BEIRUT, (PIC)-- Jerusalem International Foundation demanded the international community to take necessary measures to stop the Israeli crimes of ethnic cleansing committed against the Palestinian citizens in the occupied city of Jerusalem.
Yassin Hammoud, Director General of the Beirut based foundation, condemned in written statement the Israeli occupation’s procedures of deporting the Jerusalemite MP Ahmad Abu Tair from Jerusalem to the city of Ramallah, following his release after serving a year in administrative detention.
He considered that the ongoing policy of the occupation of deporting the MPs and other Jerusalemites from their hometown represents a violation of the international laws and conventions.
Hammoud affirmed that the Israeli occupation authorities have been always striving to deport the city's leaders and icons in preparations to control the entire city.
He stated that "the issue of Jerusalem's MPs and former Minister is one among many other attacks committed by the Israeli occupation against our people in Jerusalem".
He appealed to Arab parliaments to seriously and effectively intervene and confront Israeli abuses, emphasizing on the Jerusalemite deportees' right to return to their city.
Jerusalem International Foundation’s director also called on the international community to take the necessary measures to force the occupation authorities to respect all international laws and conventions and stop its plans targeting Jerusalem and its residents.

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