Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hamdan: What was offered for the Palestinians in Cairo do not fulfil their hopes

Hamdan: What was offered for the Palestinians in Cairo do not fulfil their hopes

KHARTOUM, (PIC)-- Director of Hamas's foreign relations Osama Hamdan said that all the overtures that had been made to the Palestinian delegation in Cairo ceasefire talks do not satisfy the Palestinian aspirations and demands.
In a speech before student crowds in the Sudanese capital Khartoum, Hamdan emphasized that Israel would face a long war of attrition if it did not accept the Palestinian demands.
The Hamas official noted that there were failed attempts to undermine the unity of the Palestinian delegation in Cairo talks.
For his part, Palestinian chief negotiator at Cairo talks Azzam Al-Ahmed stated that the Palestinian people and their leadership cannot accept a truce deal not fulfilling the Palestinian rights.
Al-Ahmed explained that these Palestinian rights include allowing Gaza to have its own airport and seaport, opening its crossings, reconstructing its infrastructure, ending the blockade completely and ensuring freedom of movement between Gaza and the West Bank.
In a related context, an Israeli official ruled out on Friday that a long-lasting ceasefire agreement could be reached soon in Cairo.
Following an Israeli cabinet meeting, the official told the public Hebrew radio that the Israeli delegation to Cairo talks was instructed about the need to protect Israel's security interests as a precondition for a truce deal.
He noted that Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu is confident that he does what it takes to protect Israel's security despite his exposure to enormous international pressures.
For his part, Israeli minister of economy Naftali Bennett told Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper that Israel must not sign a truce deal limiting its right to destroy tunnels in Gaza.

Bennett added that Israel can open the crossings and expand the fishing zone in Gaza without having to make arrangements with Hamas.

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