Sunday, December 25, 2011

Maan News Agency: Mashaal: Hamas staying in Damascus

DUBAI (Ma’an) – Hamas chief Khalid Mashaal on Saturday tried to put an end to speculation about Hamas leaving the Syrian capital Damascus, saying they had no such intentions.

Speaking to Al-Arabiya, Mashaal highlighted that some individual Hamas members have left Syria “for social reasons” which have nothing to do with what is going on in Syria.

"What media outlets are disseminating about Hamas leaving Damascus isn’t true.

"Some individual Hamas people have indeed left Damascus with their families, but that was for social reasons related to schooling for their children and nothing political."

Mashaal did not give details but confined himself to saying "Hamas’ leadership is still staying in Damascus, and hasn’t left Syria."

In regard to the ongoing unrest in Syria, Mashaal said his movement would not intervene in the internal affairs of any Arab country, yet wishes that all Arab countries will enjoy stability and security.

"Hamas is pro-peoples' rights," he added.
Maan News Agency