Tuesday, November 20, 2012

All sides should stop fire in Gaza immediately: UN chief -


Visiting UN Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon asserted in Cairo on Tuesday that all sides should cease fire in Gaza immediately, warning that growing violence would jeopardize the stability of the whole region.
At a joint press conference with Arab League (AL) chief Nabil al-Arabi, Ban Ki-moon asked Israel to stop its airstrikes on Gaza right now, while noting that he held a constructive talk with Arabi. Visiting the Middle East in light of the tight situation in Gaza, Ban called all sides to stop violence, extending condolence to the family of those killed in Gaza.
"There are many kids and their family members were killed by the growing violence in Gaza which arouse fears and worry in the two sides, they should stop the violence right now," Ban noted.
"The international community should help the Gazans with all necessary aid," said the UN chief, warning an Israeli ground operation would bring nothing but more tragedies.
Hailing the efforts made by Egypt and the Arab League, Ban announced that he will visit Israel and hold talks with Israeli leaders to urge them to respect the international law and humanity.
Ban will also visit the Palestinian territories after Israel and meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.
Meanwhile, AL chief Arabi urged all sides to stop violence in Gaza, noting that he talked with Ban about the decision made by Arab foreign ministers to review the peace initiative with Israel.
Condemning Israel's attacks on Gaza, Arabi asked the Arab countries to act immediately because waiting and discussing too much can do noting but waste time. "Today a ministerial delegation will head to Gaza, including the Turkish foreign minister," said Arabi.
In a bid to end the escalating deadly conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians, Ban arrived in Egypt on Monday for a two-day visit to discuss the latest developments in the region with Egyptian senior officials.
Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip continued on Tuesday morning, killing three more Palestinians in separate strikes.
On the seventh day of Israel's aerial offensive here, the death toll reached 114 and more than 800 people were wounded, according to official figures from Gaza.