Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Walk in solidarity with Palestine - Moviment Graffitti


Moviment Graffitti is organising a symbolic solidarity peace walk on Wednesday in response to the latest violent attacks by Israel on the Gaza strip.

Moviment Graffiti is holding a symbolic peace walk on Wednesday at 6pm. The walk will start from City Gate and will slowly proceed to the Law courts where a candlelight vigil will be held.
Moviment Graffiti said that the event is aimed at expressing solidarity with Palestine, and to raise greater awareness on the brutality and human rights violations that are continuously being perpetrated against the Palestinian people by the Israeli state.
"Israel's latest attack on Gaza continues to confirm its track record of human rights abuses and disregard for international law," the NGO said in a statement.
Through this activity, Moviment Graffitti will be joining various other international humanitarian movements in their strong condemnation of the arbitrary actions of the Israeli State.
While Moviment Graffitti welcomed Foreign Minister Tonio Borg's stand in voicing his concern and disapproval of the violence in the middle east, it insisted that due support for the Palestinian people demanded a clear condemnation of the Israeli atrocities.
"A clear stand against those perpetrating the violence and those suffering victimisation as a result of this uneven conflict should be adopted." Moviment Graffitti called on the Maltese Government to support the Palestinian people by utilising its full diplomatic powers and by taking a more active role in establishing peace in the Middle East.
Moviment Graffitti also urged the Maltese Government and the international community to impose sanctions on Israel until it ends its blockade on Gaza and its relentless attack on the Palestinian people.
The NGO said US President Obama should give due priority to the cessation of the middle east crisis. "It is reprehensible that the United States continues to use its veto powers at the United Nations Security Council to block the recognition of Palestine as an independent state within the United Nations, which recognition constitutes a long awaited initial step towards the process of peace in the middle east region."
Moviment Graffitti appealed to all to make their voice heard and take concrete action against the atrocity. It urged the public "to boycott Israeli products in a symbolic, yet effective action to stop the invasion of Palestine and the genocide of its people".