Friday, August 31, 2012

Occupation steals Jordan River waters

Occupation steals Jordan River waters
AMMAN, (PIC)-- Jordanian farmers in the Jordan Valley said the Zionist entity laid 10 inch diameter pipes to pump water from Jordan River to treatment plant in order to irrigate occupied lands and dispose salt water in the southern part of the river, increasing water salinity.
Adnan Khaddam, head of the Jordan Valley Farmers' Union, called through statements to the Jordanian "al-Arab al-yawm" newspaper for "taking legal actions to protect Jordan River from Zionist attacks represented in disposing waste water in the river and pumping the remaining of its water to the western side and desalinate it in order to irrigate farmlands."
"The installation of pipes by the occupation for pumping the rest of the river water is contrary to Wadi Araba Convention," added Khaddam.
For its part, Jordan Valley Authority denied its knowledge of the occupation's procedures of pumping the Jordan River waters to the West Bank and promised to take appropriate actions regarding this issue.

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