Thursday, August 30, 2012

Palestinian reporter allegedly held by Assad’s forces

Palestinian reporter allegedly held by Assad’s forces
A Palestinian reporter for the al-Hurra network, missing in Syria with a Turkish colleague, is being held by troops loyal to President Bashar al-Assad, his brother in east Jerusalem told AFP Thursday.

Jerusalem-born Bashar Fahmi al-Kadumi was in Syria’s commercial capital Aleppo with Turkish cameraman Cuneyt Unal when they disappeared on August 20.

“The Red Cross in Jerusalem today confirmed to us that Bashar has been arrested by the Syrian army,” his brother Majed al-Kadumi said.
He said that his brother had studied in Turkey, married a Turkish woman and was living there with their two children.

A Red Cross official refused to confirm or deny his comments, saying that the organization’s work was confidential.

Syria’s al-Ikhbariya news channel has shown video of Unal, also believed to be in the hands of loyalist troops. In the video, Unal appears tired and nervous, with bruises under both eyes.

The rebel Free Syrian Army has said that Kadumi was injured at the time of their capture but that Unal was unhurt.

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