Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fayyad: No peace without Jerusalem as Palestine’s capital

Jerusalem Center for Media – Sources -

Prime Minister Salam Fayyad Wednesday stressed that the Palestinian authority is working in Jerusalem in order to provide more sources to enable them to work more efficiently despite of the Israeli obstacles.

He said that working in Jerusalem is the PA’s right and duty toward Palestinian Jerusalemites.

Speaking at his weekly radio talk, Fayyad said that the Israeli government tries through its policy of imposing facts on the ground and insisting on violating international legitimacy resolutions, law, and signed agreements that affirmed not to touch the status of Jerusalem and its institutions.

Fayyad concentrated in his speech on Jerusalem and the Israeli serious violations against its Palestinian residents.

He said: “the Israeli government insists on changing the geographic and demographic character of Jerusalem, confiscating its Arab identity, cultural and religious status, as well as isolating it from its surroundings in an attempt to displace its residents who are struggling to stay on their land.”

He stressed that the PA’s priorities are dealing with the Israeli policies and measures in Jerusalem, working to the best of its abilities to enhance the steadfastness of its residents and promoting the role of PA’s institutions to enable them to carry out their responsibilities in different sectors particularly in the sectors of education, health, and legal protection.

Fayyad stressed the need to intensify national efforts in order to protect Jerusalem and face the dangers threatening it.

Fayyad: No peace without Jerusalem as Palestine’s capital