Thursday, February 16, 2012

IOF soldiers arrest liberated young woman, interrogate MPs

JENIN, (PIC)-- Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested Hana’a Shalabi, 25, after storming her family home in Bruqin village to the west of Jenin at dawn Thursday.

Sources close to Shalabi’s family told the PIC reporter that IOF on foot patrols encircled the family home before armored vehicles later arrived to the scene.

They said the soldiers forced the family members into one room of the house and others outside it before searching it for two hours.

The soldiers then took away Shalabi, who was liberated in the prisoners’ exchange deal between Hamas and Israel late last year, her family said, urging the Egyptian mediators in this deal to intervene and demand her release.

Shalabi served two and half years in administrative detention, without charge, before her release in the deal.

IOF soldiers also stormed offices and homes of three MPs in Jenin city and questioned them.

MP Ibrahim Dahbur told the PIC that tens of IOF soldiers stormed the lawmakers’ offices in the city and confiscated computers and documents.

He added that the soldiers, accompanied by intelligence officers, then broke into the homes of MPs Khaled Saeed and Khaled Suleiman in Jenin city and questioned them after searching their homes.

Dahbur said that the soldiers also burst into his home in Arraba village and stayed in it for two hours, adding that they threatened them against indulging in any social activity or else face detention.

Hamas MPs in the West Bank lashed out at the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) and condemned the world silence toward such practices against the elected representatives of the Palestinian people.

They urged the PA in Ramallah to end security coordination with the IOA and all other meetings whether exploratory or otherwise and to accelerate reconciliation process in retaliation to the IOA practices.

IOF soldiers arrest liberated young woman, interrogate MPs