Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kiwi Team To Join Another Siege-Busting Convoy To Gaza

by Roger Fowler
Captain of the Kiwi Team to Gaza
16 February 2012

Kia Ora Gaza is sending another team of Kiwis to join the next international aid convoy to break Israel’s cruel siege on Gaza.

The Viva Palestina Arabia 6 convoy departs London on 22 April to travel through Europe and Turkey and then via Egypt to reach Gaza on 15 May, Nakba Day – the day commemorating the catastrophe in 1948 when Palestinians were forced from their land into exile and often refugee camps.

As well as calling for the right of Palestinian return, this convoy will focus on the future: a mix of vehicles will carry construction materials and equipment to help restore the schools, hospitals, homes and other infrastructure destroyed by Israeli bombings and besiegement.

In tandem with Egypt’s democracy uprising, this new convoy could crumble the Israeli blockade and open Gaza to the world. Our team of four Kiwis, who are featured on the sidebar of, will be part of this historic international effort for peace and justice.

Until there is justice for Palestine, there can be no peace in the Middle East. And until there is peace in the Middle East, there can be no peace in the world. As Viva Palestina founder, George Galloway, puts it: “Palestine has become the touchstone for those who care about international justice the world over.”

This new aid convoy carries on the valiant siege-busting efforts of many international missions to break through Israel’s unrelenting land, sea and air blockade of Gaza, often called the “world’s biggest prison camp”.

This will be Kia Ora Gaza’s second international convoy. The first, in 2010, broke through the siege via Egypt with NZ$7 million of medical aid donated by people in over 30 countries.

Now we’re going back for another go – and we aim to end the siege for good. To succeed, we need your practical support. Please help us finish the last lap of our $50,000 Gaza Appeal. Go to the sidebar of to see how to donate.

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