Thursday, February 16, 2012

Some Israeli Reactions towards Calamitous School Bus Accident “Heartless”

RAMALLAH, February 16, 2012 (WAFA) – Following the tragic school bus accident that took place on Thursday near Ramallah, a screen capture of some Israeli insensitive and racist reactions were circulated across social networks.

Israeli news website ‘Walla’ reported on the accident on its ‘Facebook’ page. The news received racist comments by extremist Israelis rejoicing and celebrating the news.

Some Israelis commented on the news expressing joy and relief for the death of the children, saying “Thank God they are Palestinians,” “Great! Less terrorists!” while another said “Calm down, it’s a bus with Palestinian children, lets pray there will be deaths or at least severe injuries, this is great news to start the day with.”

The previous comments received heavy criticism by many users including Israelis, who expressed deep sorrow for the victims’ families and revolted against such racist reactions.

Users of many social networks deemed the comments of those extremist Israelis as “racist,” that reflected the Israeli deep-rooted hatred against Palestinians.
Palestine News & Info Agency - WAFA