Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Israeli Airstrikes Kill 5, Raising Death Toll to 149

Palestine News & Info Agency - WAFA 

GAZA, November 21, 2012 (WAFA) – The ongoing war on Gaza Wednesday resulted in the killing of five Palestinians and the injury of several others, some seriously, raising the death toll to 149, according to local sources.
They said three Palestinians, a father and his son and daughter, were killed and another was critically injured in an Israeli strike that targeted a residential area in al-Saftawi, north of Gaza.
 The family, Talal, Ayman, and Abeer al Asali were standing near the house when the missile hit them. The injured were transferred to hospital for treatment.
 Meanwhile, 13-year-old Mahmoud Abu Atyeh was killed and two others were injured, a child and an elderly, in a strike that targeted a group of Palestinians at al-Nafaq street, north of Gaza.
Another strike that targeted al-Wehdeh Street in central Gaza resulted in the killing of two-year-old Abd al-Rahman Ineem and the injury of two others, including one seriously.
Israeli strikes also targeted several other areas in the strip. No injuries were reported.
Twenty two-year-old Mohammad al-Ashqar died of his wounds sustained earlier Wednesday in an Israeli strike that targeted north of the strip.

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