Wednesday, January 16, 2013

IOF assault, detain Palestinian activists en route to Bab Ashams village

IOF assault, detain Palestinian activists en route to Bab Ashams village
Pictures from Bab Ashams village before and during the Israeli raid on the camp

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- Dozens of Palestinian citizens marched on Tuesday to the area of the evacuated Bab Ashams village in east Jerusalem, but they were intercepted by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) and 40 of them were detained.
Some activists said that immediately upon their arrival in the village, the IOF violently attacked them and forced them out of the area, adding that the Israeli troops kept attacking them even outside the village.
The physical attacks by the soldiers led to the injury of 17 activists, including six Palestinian and foreign journalists.
Wadi Hilwa information center said the IOF closed the roads leading to Bab Ashams village and prevented paramedics from entering the area to provide first aid for the wounded. The IOF also fined the cars which headed to the village.
As part of the popular resistance movement in Palestine, a group of Palestinian activists established last Friday the village of Bab Al Shams on a piece of confiscated land in east Jerusalem, called by the Israeli occupation regime as E1 settlement project.

For its part, the Palestinian media forum strongly denounced the IOF for assaulting the journalists during their work on covering the military raid on Bab Ashams village in Jerusalem on the night of Sunday.
In a press release on Tuesday, the forum said that the IOF attacked and detained journalists and used force to prevent them from doing their jobs.
It added that the Israeli troops also focused their flashlights on the cameras to prevent the journalists from recording the violations that happened to the activists.

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