Tuesday, April 10, 2012

74-year-old MP Haj Ali returns to hunger strike


AL-KHALIL, (PIC)-- The 74-year-old MP Ahmed Al-Haj Ali has returned to hunger strike on Monday after the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) retracted its decision  granting him early release, his family said on Tuesday.
The MP’s son said that a prisoner released from Israeli jails on Monday evening told the family that their father returned to hunger strike.
Ali, who is held in Megiddo jail, went on hunger strike on 14/3 and continued for 18 days before an agreement was reached with the IOA by which he would be granted early release in return for ending his strike.
The lawmaker was protesting his administrative detention without trial or charge, which was supposed to end on 4/6/2012. The Israeli intelligence promised Ali that he would be released last Thursday then delayed it to Sunday, but he remained in custody, the family said.
The MP had informed his family that he would return to hunger strike if the Israeli intelligence did not live up to its promise.
74-year-old MP Haj Ali returns to hunger strike