Tuesday, April 3, 2012

#Gaza Video: Sailing on a trawler with Palestinian fishermen on the night of March 31...

Uploaded by on Apr 2, 2012
On Saturday night 31 march 2012 me and Derek sailed with the fishermen on a trawler.
We sailed at 7.00 pm from the port of Gaza city and we came back in the morning at about 7.40 am.
Israel imposed a 3 miles limit in the sea of Gaza. There are very few fish inside the 3 miles area. The fishermen can catch just small fish.
Restrictions on the fishing zone are of extreme significance to Palestinian livelihoods. This area was supposed to be 20 miles according to the Jericho agreements from 1994 (under the Oslo accords), then it was reduced to 12 miles, to 6 miles and now to 3 miles since January 2009.
The marine 'buffer zone' restricts Gazan fishermen from accessing 85% of Gaza's fishing waters agreed to by Oslo.
Israel has been regularly attacking Palestinian fishermen within the purported 3 nautical mile fishing limit.
The livelihood of many Gazans relies on fishing and Israel has been using live ammunition and water cannons to prevent fishermen from doing their work.
The Israeli Siege continues after more than 4 years, limiting the sea area available for the Gaza population.