Sunday, April 8, 2012

Urgent Request from PSP Co-Founder Bekah Wolf

8 April 2012
I have been proud to work with Palestine Solidarity Project since its beginning. As a co-founder of PSP with my husband Mousa Abu Maria, I have watched PSP grow from a small project involving a dozen committed individuals, to an internationally-known grassroots Palestinian organization dedicated to supporting Palestinian popular resistance and international solidarity. However, with the expansion of our organization comes even greater responsibility.
Defense of Children International-Palestine released an urgent appeal on their website this week calling for action on behalf of Beit Ommar’s youth. In the last 6 months there has been a disturbing spike in detention of youth from Beit Ommar. Though the arrest, interrogation and even torture of youth in West Bank is not unusual, there has been a clear attack on Beit Ommar’s youth, as Electronic Intifada reported here.
Palestine Solidarity Project has, since its inception, taken on the cost for the legal defense of as many residents of Beit Ommar as possible, as well as anyone arrested during non-violent demonstrations in the area. We work with amazing Israeli lawyers at the offices of Gaby Lasky, who are tireless in their defense of Palestinians arrested by Israeli Occupation Forces. Because of the marked increase in detentions of youth in Beit Ommar, PSP is in critical need of financial support for its legal defense fund.
In the last year, PSP has accrued 103,000 ILS (Approx. $28,000 USD) in the defense of Palestinians, the vast majority of which is for children. Palestinians can often spend months in jail if they do not get bail; excellent representation for them at initial bail hearings is essential to maximizing their chances of returning home quickly.
PSP is a totally independent Palestinian organization. 100% of our funding comes from private individuals around the world. We do not receive any financial assistance from any governmental body, including the Palestinian Authority. We depend on individuals such as yourself to continue to support the popular resistance of the Southern West Bank.
Donations to our legal defense fund can be made in two ways:
Donate via Paypal at:

Or, from the United States or Canada, you can mail a check or money order, made out to “PSP-NY” to:
P.O. Box 24281
Santa Fe, NM 87502
Additionally, a long-time international activist Jeff Pickert is doing a speaking tour of the United States and Canada to raise money for our legal defense and youth bail funds. You can book Jeff for a speaking event at your university, community center, church, synagogue or mosque by emailing
Documentation from the lawyers can be made available upon request.
Palestinians, especially young Palestinians, are putting themselves and their liberty on the line to defend their land and confront the occupation. It is our duty as internationals to provide support wherever we can.
Please give what you can today. You can also become a PSP sustainer at Join me in showing a commitment to Palestinian freedom and popular struggle by demonstrating that we won’t let Palestine’s sons languish in occupation prisons.
Bekah Wolf