Tuesday, April 3, 2012

IOA officially reveals a new settlement project in Abu Dis

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- Nir Barkat, the occupied Jerusalem Mayor, revealed his plan to establish a new Jewish neighborhood near Abu Dis to the east of occupied Jerusalem.
About 200 new houses are being planned for the new neighborhood, known as Kidmat Zion, on a Palestinian land allegedly purchased by U.S. millionaire Irving Moskowitz, the Temple Mount Trustees leader and founder.
In response to this plan, three Meretz party members in the city council coalition announced their intention to withdraw from the coalition in case of implementing the plan which is expected to be presented during the next few weeks to the Knesset Finance Committee for the formal and final approval.
"Barkat is adding fuel to the flames," Meretz councilman Meir Margalit said. "The Palestinians cannot accept a plan like this, which will split East Jerusalem in two and destroy any chance for a peace agreement with the Palestinians", Margalit said, adding that Barakat "doesn't understand the serious implications of the issue".
Kidmat Zion lies between the East Jerusalem Palestinian towns of Abu Dis and Jabal Mukkaber, close to the separation wall which is built on the Palestinians' lands in Jerusalem. The location is considered one of the most sensitive places in East Jerusalem, because it was designated as the future site of the Palestinian parliament.
Temple Mount Trustees is one of the main settlement associations which aims to resettle Jews in Jerusalem city and the displacement of the Palestinian population. The association had succeeded, during the past years, in resettling a number of Jewish families in Palestinian neighborhoods.
IOA officially reveals a new settlement project in Abu Dis