Monday, April 30, 2012

Palestinian Flags in Israeli City for Nakba Memory

HAIFA, April 30, 2012 (WAFA) – Arab activists residing in the mixed Arab-Jewish city of Haifa in northern Israel launched a campaign on social networks to raise the Palestinian flag on their homes to mark the Nakba, the day Palestinians were uprooted from their homes in Palestine in 1948 and which led to the establishment of Israel.
The move was seen as defiance of attempts by Israeli legislators to pass laws that would make it illegal for Palestinian Arabs in Israel to commemorate the Nakba.
The Facebook campaign, titled “Palestinian flag on every window in Arab Haifa,” generated a lot of support by Haifa’s Arab residents who responded by raising Palestinian flags on windows and balconies days ahead of the May 15 Nakba Day.
The initiative to raise Palestinian flags started with the Israeli celebrations of its establishment according to the Jewish calendar, which coincided on Thursday. Israeli flags were flown across the country on homes, cars and government buildings.
The group raised over 1000 supporters in few days. Participants shared pictures of Palestinian flags raised on Arab homes across Haifa.Palestine News & Info Agency - WAFA