Saturday, September 1, 2012

208 Palestinians arrested in August

208 Palestinians arrested in August
RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- 208 Palestinians have been arrested during the month of August 2012 in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, a report issued by the Ahrar center for the studies of prisoners and human rights said.
Fouad Khuffash, director of the human rights center Ahrar, said that these cases include 9 from the Gaza Strip and 198 from the West Bank and a woman: Najah Amin Attili, the mother of an ex-prisoner liberated in Wafa Ahrar deal, from the Palestinian land occupied in 1948.
Khuffash noted that this number cannot be the exact number of detainees since part of them had been released; another part had been transferred to investigation, while others have been held under administrative detention.
The human rights report issued by Ahrar reported that among the total number of detainees, three Palestinian women were arrested during this August.
Concerning the methods of detention, the human rights center pointed out that the Israeli occupation has been using heinous ways and means to arrest Palestinians, as breaking into homes after midnight and terrorizing children in the process.

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