Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Palestinian prisoner Dirar Abu Sisi in serious condition

 Scoop News
Gaza Ministry of Detainees’ Affairs
The lawyer of the Ministry of Detainee Affairs visited Ashkelon jail last Sunday 15th of July. He said that the medical condition of the isolated prisoner Dirar Abu Sisi is serious, and getting worse.
Dirar Abu Sisi, snatched off a Ukranian train and rendered to Israel by Mossad
The lawyer confirmed that Abu Sisi is still being held in solitary confinement in Ashkelon prison, in a serious medical condition. Abu Sisi suffers from several medical problems, one of which is heart arrhythmia. He also suffers from high blood pressure, reaching 160/100. The lawyer said that Abu Sisi takes medication for both diseases.
The lawyer advised that Abu Sisi is also complaining of stomach problems. Abu Sisi suffers from a stomach ulcer, for which he takes Castro. He also has a problem in his kidneys - he has fatty deposits on both kidneys, and kidney stones which causes him a severe pain, and he doesn’t receive any medication for these problems, having to heal himself by drinking a lot of water.
Abu Sisi confirmed to the lawyer that he was hit on his left knee and suffers permanent knee pain. The prisoner said, "All of these ailments that I am now suffering from appeared after I was detained, and violently beaten during interrogation."
Abu Sisi clarified that when he was first detained he weighed 98kg. After a year and a half in solitary confinement, the doctor reports Dirar Abu Sisi weighs 61kg.
The Minister of Detainees Affairs Dr. Atallah AbuSebah warned of the seriousness of Abu Sisi’s medical condition, stressing that risking the prisoner’s life will be crossing a red line that may lead to the deterioration of the situation in all Israeli prisons.
AbuSebah noted that Israel insists on keeping Dirar Abu Sisi in solitary confinement, and refuses to implement the Al Karameh agreement which was signed between the Israeli prison services and the High Committee of Leadership of the Hunger Strike last month, one of the conditions of which was to release all prisoners from solitary confinement.
AbuSebah emphasised the need for immediate action, and made an urgent call for legal groups, international organisations, and the International Committee of the Red Cross to put pressure on the Israeli occupation to provide the necessary medical treatment for the prisoner Abu Sisi, and to immediately and unconditionally release him from solitary confinement.
Translation by Mukarram AbuAlouf