Monday, March 26, 2012

Detentions and injuries in Issawiya clashes

Quds Media – Exclusive -
Occupation forces stormed on Monday afternoon  the village of Issawiya north east of occupied Jerusalem, which led to the outbreak of clashes between youths and soldiers of the occupation in Jerusalem.
Our correspondent in Jerusalem said that the occupation forces stormed the village from the eastern entrance with cavalry and infantry troopa, while other forces stormed the western entrance by military Jeeps, and they stationed in the meantime on the north and south entrances.
Ahmad Al-Masri – The Maqdisi activist – said in an exclusive statement to our correspondent that the undercover forces had arrested the child Musa Darwish Jebreel -12 years – and the soldiers arrested the the young man Fadi Othman Darwish – 19 years – after the end of the clashes in the village.
For his part, the field paramedic in the Assembly of Arabs paramedics – Jaafar Hamdan – said that the occupation forces used bombs, toxic tear gas and sound bombs and rubber bullets during the storming of the village which led to the injury of a number of young people have been handling most of the cases on the ground, as has been transfer of some cases to the medical centers for treatment.
Witnesses said that there were injuries among undercover forces result by throwing stones by young men and an error in opening a sound bomb which causes explosion near a car that hides themDetentions and injuries in Issawiya clashes

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