Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sayyed exposed to assassination attempt in occupation jails

TULKAREM, (PIC)-- Wife of imprisoned Hamas leader, Abbas al-Sayyed, said that her husband was exposed to an assassination attempt when a special force attacked and assaulted him severely beating him on the head and the chest with the aim of killing him.
Ikhlas al-Sweis, Sayyed’s wife, said that lawyers who visited him over the past three days informed her of the news and told her that he is in a serious condition after the assassination attempt which took place last Wednesday.
He told his wife through his lawyers that was it not for God's mercy he would be dead now considering the extent of barbaric beating he suffered and that he is still suffering severe pains but the prison authority would not provide him with medical treatment.
She added that prison guards told him that they were taking him out of his cell for a medical examination, they took him to a room with about 15 soldiers, as soon as he entered the room the door was closed and the took turns in beating him until he lost consciousness.Sayyed exposed to assassination attempt in occupation jails

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