Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Quds Media: The occupation try to trail The Jerusalemites for their prayers at Al-Aqsa mosque

Quds Media – Exclusive -
The Quds Center for Media in Jerusalem revealed in a statement circulated by Monday evening 26/3/2012 that the occupation intelligence arrest and trial on charges of young Jerusalemites because of their prayers in Al-Aqsa Mosque.
The Center said that the occupation intelligence pursued during the last period the policy of deportation of young Jerusalemites from the Al Aqsa Mosque decisions arbitrarily starting with three days and be extended automatically for several months to prevent young people from approaching the limits of the Al Aqsa Mosque or the doors and some of them prevented from approaching the limits of the old town as a whole.
In the last decisions of occupation intelligence to attack houses and arrest young men who keep  the performance of their prayers in Al-Aqsa Mosque.
In other methods of pursuing a systematic policy of occupation, forces arrested young men and tried on charges of Prayer Al-Aqsa Mosque in order to empty it of the Muslims and open the doors of Al-Aqsa to enter the settlers.
The Center said that the intelligence of occupation made an indictment against for a group of young Jerusalemites who are “Haitham Al-Jouba, Fadi Al-Jouba, Hamza Zuhjair, Musbah Abu Sabih, Rami Fakhouri, Alaa Fakhoury, and Hamza Kotaina and Ghaith Ghaith” In addition to thirty children under the pretext of performing prayers at the  Al-Aqsa mosque.
In her statement to the unity of research and documentation in the center Majid Al-Juoba’s mother, the mother of Fadi and Haitham, confirmed that the intelligence arrested her son Haytham a month ago and continued detention under the pretext of the existence of a secret file in addition to the detention of a number of young people with the same pretext.
She added that the occupation forces alternated the arrest of her sons and their request for investigation from the beginning of this month. The trial was postponed several times under the pretext of “secret file”.
Majid said that the occupation court which took place on Sunday morning has been directed to the indictment of her sons and the rest of the group of young men and which stated:
That the group was keen on the performance of Al-Aqsa mosque prayers, and practice the game of football in the yards, and the organization of banquets in the mosque, which it considers contrary to the occupation intelligence law.
Majid mother asked how the prayers to be in violation of the law!! And whether to play football and Breakfast in Al-Aqsa forbidden and in the same time they allowed the settlers to enter the Aqsa and perform the Talmudic rituals.
And went on to say: Prayer is a legitimate right of all religious in for Muslim, Christian and Jewish so how the occupation tried to charge our children.
The occupation forces have arrested since the beginning of this month, 30 children from Jerusalem in addition to the eight young men, accused of praying at Al Aqsa Mosque.
The director of Prisoners’ Club in Jerusalem, Nasser Qous the trial of eight detainees Jerusalemites, for to pray in Al Aqsa Mosque as a dangerous precedent and a threat to all the young al-Maqdisi, to prevent them from praying and Rebat in the Aqsa Mosque, in preparation for empty it from worshipers, and give the  opportunity for settlers to enter to al-Aqsa mosque.
Quds Media: The occupation try to trail The Jerusalemites for their prayers at Al-Aqsa mosque

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