Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gaza baby dies after generator runs out of fuel

A Gaza man says his baby died after the generator powering his respirator ran out of fuel — the first known death linked to Gaza’s energy crisis.
Abdul-Rahim Helou says his baby, Mohammed, relied on a respirator to help him breathe. Because of 18-hour-day power blackouts, Helou says he had used a gas-powered generator to keep his baby alive.
Mohammed died overnight on Friday.
Helou said on Sunday that he and his wife didn’t realise how much fuel they needed to keep their new generator going and it ran out overnight.
A Gaza health official said the baby arrived at a Gaza City hospital dead, having choked on its own phlegm.
The power shortage has been caused by a cut-off of Egyptian fuel.
 Gaza baby dies after generator runs out of fuel

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