Thursday, December 29, 2011

Israeli Forces Consider Dozens of al- Khader Lands, Closed Military Are

On Wednesday, Israeli authorities distributed notices that annonced dozens of al-Khader lands, West of Bethlehem, as closed military areas, under the pretext that they want to continue building the Apartheid wall.
The coordinator of the Popular Committee against the Wall and Settlements in al-Khader village, Ahmed Salah, said that the Israeli forces put the notices on several lands in al-Khader: al-Nashash, Bakoush, Kherbit Aliyah and a part of Batin al-Ma’sy.
Salah said that these procedures came after the Israeli court’s decision that was issued three days ago, to stop the construction of the Apartheid wall in the military areas. This confirms that Israel doesn’t care about law or Courts’ decisions.
Salah also said that if Israel continued to build the new part of the Apartheid wall, as it showed in the schemes that were distributed with the notices, it would lead to confiscate more than 170 dunums from the lands, and isolate more than 20,000 agricultural dunums behind the wall.

PNN - Palestine News Network

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