Sunday, December 25, 2011

Israeli forces storm 3 West Bank villages

Israeli soldiers leave their jeep during an army operation in the West Bank
city of Jenin (MaanImages/Mohamad Torkoman, File)

JENIN (Ma’an) – Israeli forces erected three flying checkpoints in southern Jenin in the northern West Bank before they stormed houses in the villages of Meithalun, al-Judeida and Siris on Sunday, officials said.

Palestinian security sources said Israeli military patrols toured the three villages, but no arrests were reported. Witnesses said the checkpoints stopped several Palestinian vehicles and scrutinized their ID cards.

On Saturday Israeli forces closed all the entrances to the northern West Bank village of Azzun east of Qalqiliya preventing all residents from going in or out.

Locals told Ma’an a large number of troops stormed the village in the morning.

The soldiers completely shut down the northern and the western entrances before they ascended to the roof of a local resident’s home and started ransacking houses for inspection.

Onlookers said the soldiers claimed to have come under fire.

Maan News Agency

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