Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Global march benchmark for Palestine liberation: Jamaat

Global march benchmark for Palestine liberation: Jamaat | The Nation

KARACHI - Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi Chapter’s chief Hussain Mehanti has said that Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) will prove to be a milestone for Palestine’s liberation.
Addressing the delegates of Asian countries at a dinner hosted by the JI, he said, “Asian countries’ unity and participation in the global march will augur well,” he said while.
The delegates from India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Jordan, Palestine and other countries participated in the dinner.
Abdul Rehman of Indonesia; Pooja Badekar, Dr Suresh and Feroz Mithibur wala of India; Nusrat Hawardmore and Dr Ansari of Philippine; Muhammad Maroof of Indonesia; Irfan Hussain Ansari of Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and a number of Pakistanis including the officials of Palestine Foundation of Pakistan and eminent political, religious and social figures also spoke on the occasion.
Mehanti said the international community had to abandon its double standards on Palestine issue. “This is an issue of whole humanity, let alone a Muslim problem. Their genocide is being conducted and U.S. supports those who perpetrate genocide of Palestinians. “Jamaat always supported and will continue to support the Palestinians,” he said, adding that Israel also attacked Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.
Mehanti said that unarmed Palestinians has shaken and shattered the Zionist usurpers and oppressors.
Muzaffar Hashmi, a leader of Palestine Foundation, said that Palestine issue was over 60-year-old issue but the United Nations and international community had failed to sort out the issue.  Sabir Karbalai, central spokesman of PLF, said the world should pay attention to Palestinians’ plight. He said friends of humanity had announced this global march for liberation of Jerusalem and Palestine.
JI’s officials Nasim Siddiqui, Hafiz Naeemur Rehman and Nasrullah Shajji were also present.

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