Monday, March 19, 2012

Israeli intelligence extorts Palestinian ex-detainee to work for them

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)-- A newly released Palestinian prisoner said an Israeli intelligence officer blackmailed him and threatened to send him back once again to jail if he did not work as an informer for Israel.
The ex-detainee told the Palestinian information center (PIC) on condition of anonymity that the Israeli officer renewed the request and gave him one week to accept it or else he would be reimprisoned.
He explained that Israeli soldiers broke into his house a few days ago after his release and handed him a summons from the Israeli intelligence telling him to attend an interrogation session at a military post near Addahirya village south of Al-Khalil on Thursday.
Upon his arrival, he said, a senior Israeli officer sat with him and started to talk about the Israeli jail he was released from and the activities inside it before asking him to work as an informer and provide the Israeli intelligence with updates on all activities happening in his district.
Several ex-detainees had previously reported their exposure to similar extortion by the Israeli intelligence.
In a separate incident, Israeli paratroopers on Sunday evening were dropped in the mountains of Bani Na'im area east of Al-Khalil city.
Local eyewitnesses told the PIC that Israeli military helicopters poured out a group of soldiers before they embarked on combing the area using police dogs and flares.
Other Israeli military activities and raids were also reported on Sunday in different parts of Al-Khalil city, where the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) stormed a Palestinian farm in Beit Ula town northwest the city and ransacked livestock barracks and sabotaged the grain stock.
The IOF also raided several houses in Tel Armidah area and Al-Shuhada street in Al-Khalil and assaulted Palestinian civilians, one of them was a girl called Isra Salaymeh who was severely beaten by soldiers. The girl was rushed to hospital, according to eyewitnesses.
Two other Palestinian citizens were also kidnapped in different areas of Al-Khalil at the pretext of finding blades in their possession. Another citizen, who stopped his car to fill up the tank at a fuel station near Kiryat Arba settlement, was hijacked and taken to Etzion interrogation center.
These incidents and others took place as the IOF intensified their presence throughout Al-Khalil on Saturday and Sunday.
Israeli intelligence extorts Palestinian ex-detainee to work for them

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